White microcement – photos


The microcement is mainly associated with shades of gray. Investors prefer this palette to get the effect of concrete on the wall or floor. Remember, however, that with a microcement we can get any color (especially now it is easy with the use of Festfloor Go! – one-component microcement ready for use). Or maybe you prefer white microcement?


White color in interior design

The white color is universal and timeless. White interiors are associated with modern, minimalist spaces, but the final effect actually depends on furniture and accessories, on how you combine different textures and shades. They will decide on the final character of the room. The white is ideally suited to both industrial, Scandinavian and Provencal styles. White walls and high ceilings are inevitably associated with an apartment in a tenement house. White illuminates and visually expands the room. It gives the impression of space and cleanliness.

Is white boring? No! White is an ideal base for various arrangements. We can combine side colors with it and thus easily change the character of the interior by adding a pair of colored elements. White will harmonize with neutral colors – gray, beige, pastel – as well as with juicy green, yellow or fuchsia.

Many investors are interested in using white not only on the walls, but also on the floor. The choice often falls on the white epoxy resin. Unfortunately, white resin looks best in interior design catalogs and on Instagram… In fact, the epoxy resin is sensitive to UV rays and, especially in sunny areas, it early starts to turn yellow.  Apart from this, it is quite problematic in the application and even the smallest air bubble or dust which falls on it during application, has a very negative impact on its visual reception of the resin floor. An alternative to the resin may be a white microcement. This material does not change color when exposed to sunlight, it is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, it is easy to clean and – last but not least – it is waterproof.


White microcement stairs

White stairs and dark walls in the staircase are impressive, especially if they are perfectly done with attention to every detail. This is the case for the below staircase in a modern detached house, which is the work of professionals from the Kama company. If you are looking for a microcement contractor from the south of Poland, we highly recommend Kama. Just have a look:


white microcement stairs

white microcement stairs

white microcement stairs


White microcement in the bathroom

White is the most frequently chosen color for bathrooms. And if it were to get rid of joints and instead of white tiles use white microcement?  The surefire “wow” effect! As in the case of Beton Koncept below (Festfloor Go! Color FF9003 Signal White was also used here).

See more photos from this implementation.





If you want to apply white microcement in your interior and have questions, contact us, we will be happy to help and advise the best solution.