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Is béton ciré plaster  waterproof? Can I use it in the bathroom?


More and more customers are looking for decorative plasters, thanks to which they will obtain an  effect of concrete on the wall. In the case of walls in the living room or bedroom, the choice seems to be simple – all you need to do is just to decide on a specific color and texture. However, when it comes to finishing the walls in the bathroom, which are exposed to contact with hot steam and directly with water, for example in the shower, near the bathtub and the sink, the matter becomes a bit more complicated.


Raw-concrete effect on the wall

It should be noted that not all béton ciré/ microcement products on the market are waterproof. Even though you can risk using a product that does not provide protection against moisture in the toilet or to finish the walls away from the source of water, the shower and bathtub must be finished with a product that is 100% waterproof and resistant to water. A good choice here will be Festwall Life, which provides security and certainty that we will not flood the neighbor, that the wall will never leak and that there will be no mold or fungus on it. Water resistance is achieved in two stages – thanks to the polymeric microcement mass and the protective layer of polyurethane sealer.


Concrete decorative plaster and bathroom renovation

Polymer-concrete decorative plaster can be applied to the existing substrate, as long as it is stable, does not crumble and the tiles do not fall off. Thanks to the ease of application, we can quickly and without making excessive mess change the interior of the old bathroom. We can cover the entire wall or just a fragment of it with the mixture, and paint the rest with regular paint or finish with other material. We can also cover shower cabin or bath tub made of plasterboard and even a counter top where washbasin is palced. Some use microcement to cover entire furniture including the sides, drawers and cabinet doors. It is also a great way to give a second life to quality design old furniture and get a unique effect. If, on the other hand, you would like to have  door with concealed fittings / concealed frame door, you can cover it with concrete plaster and get a raw-concrete total look.


Other advantages of béton ciré concrete plaster in the bathroom

Yellowed or full of difficult to remove fugue stone is the bane of many housewifes and househusbands. By choosing a decorative plaster, we obtain a homogeneous surface without joints, thanks to which cleaning the bathroom will be much easier and the room itself more hygienic. Bacteria, fungi and sediment simply have no place to collect, and a mild, neutral pH detergent is enough to clean it (you can try our dedicated cleaning agents FESTCleaner and FESTCalc). This is extremely important for people with allergies and respiratory diseases.


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