The use of decorative coatings made of Festfloor microcement

Festfloor microcement coatings are a decorative finish for floors, walls and stairs. Their application is done by hand, which makes them a unique piece of craftsmanship. Coatings made of the Festfloor Life system, FestWall and Festfloor Go! are characterized by discoloration, “burns” and the so-called clouds. Festfloor coatings are approx. 2-3 mm thick and reflect the shape of the substrate (floors, walls, stairs).

During use, the following rules must be observed:

  • For 24 hours after applying the varnish, do not walk on the finished floor (prevent access).
  • Light foot traffic is allowed 24 hours after the application of the varnish.
  • After 14 days from applying the varnish, you can use the coating in accordance with its intended purpose, however, avoid moving heavy objects (eg furniture) on it, avoid dropping heavy, hard objects with sharp edges on the coating and intensive use of shoes with heels.
  • For 3 months from the application of the varnish, do not cover the surface for more than 24 hours at a time in order to ensure proper drying of the varnish. Covering may cause permanent discoloration.
  • The coatings should be regularly washed with POWER-FEST, FESTCleaner, FESTCalc or mild household detergents (before using a new agent, we recommend that you test in a hardly visible place). Please do not use caustic agents, abrasive cleaners or magic sponges (there is a risk of paint damage).
  • Do not leave spilled water and other liquids for longer and remove any dirt on a regular basis so that they do not enter the paint structure.
  • Use FF FIX PRO MATT to maintain microcement flooring that is particularly damaged and exposed to heavy foot traffic.
  • For slippery surfaces, you can use a concentrated, water-based anti-slip treatment, FF ANTI-SLIP PRO AGENT.
  • Periodically (depending on the intensity of use), after washing the floor and drying it, use a mop or a cotton cloth to apply FF Wax preservative wax available from the contractor or manufacturer
  • The use of Festfloor coatings is similar to the use of a high-quality parquet board. During use, avoid dropping hard and sharp objects on the coating.
  • Protect the legs of chairs and furniture with felt pads in order to evenly load objects and reduce the formation of dents. We advise against using metal wheels for furniture. On the other hand, the rubber or caoutchouc ones will be safe.
  • Tyres and other rubber products can leave a permanent yellow tarnish on the microcement surface, therefore it is not recommended to leave them on the finished surface for any length of time.
  • The given instructions for use refer to conditions: 22⁰C and 50% air humidity. Lower temperature and higher humidity may extend the drying time of the products.