Staircase ideas: Concrete look stairs. Color: FF5000N [photos]


Hmmmm… microcement stairs again?! YES! Concrete look stairs now that’s chic. And our contractors are masters in this topic. In today’s post, we present one of the latest works of the MK Muro company – two-flight stairs (16 steps) in a single-family house in Józefosław (Warsaw suburbs) with an architectural concrete wall and LED lighting.


More about MK Muro

Kamil Mazur, the owner of the MK Muro company, told us more about his company: “The MK Muro company was established 3 years ago. We operate mainly in the Masovian Voivodeship, but we also have projects located all over Poland. At the beginning, we mainly dealt with plaster / wall decorations. such as architectural concrete, stucco or travertine. Over time, we started looking for new materials and modern solutions for finishing the rooms and that’s how we came across microcement. We tried our hand at this topic and liked it very much. Customers were more and more satisfied with each project, so we decided to continue working on this material. Microcement in bathrooms and on floors is familiar to us, but stairs are definitely what we like the most. All our  projects are interesting, but also demanding, so we try to make them very carefully, as can be seen in the photos we publish on social media 🙂 “


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Installer: MK Muro

Products used in this project: