New shades of grey Festfloor Life microcement

Inspired by nature and its extraordinary shades, we have developed six unique pigments that will change the way you think about grey. Introducing the new Festfloor Life microcement colours that will bring a breath of fresh air to your interiors:

  • S1 Fog Grey – a soft, misty grey that will bring calm and harmony to your interior,
  • S2 Smoke Grey – a slightly deeper shade, reminiscent of smoke floating in the air,
  • S3 Natural Grey – a classic, neutral grey that will fit easily into any arrangement,
  • S4 Moon Grey – inspired by the glow of moondust, adds a mysterious feel to a space,
  • S5 Shadow Grey – a shadow cast by objects, introducing depth and contrast,
  • S6 Antracite – a dark, elegant and distinctive colour that adds character to any room.

The process of colouring microcement has become much simpler! It involves using ready-to-use dyes to achieve the desired shades. This method not only speeds up the application process, but also ensures greater colour consistency and repeatability.

See how the new shades of grey look in the latest Festfloor channel video: