Scandinavian style from Denmark –  microcement floor and walls [photos]


Scandinavians love microcement. And our Danish client loves microcement to such an extent that he used it in almost every room of his home 🙂

Scandinavian interiors are extremely functional, simple and calming. Pastel toned colors give relief and allow you to relax. The long northern winter makes the Danes give great importance to the fact that their apartments are cozy, warm and that you want to be in them. In a word, the Danish home is “hygge” or cozy comfy, secure, full of joy.

Because the Scandinavian style refers directly to nature, the most commonly used materials are wood, natural fabrics, wool carpets, but also more and more concrete. Thanks to the microcement we can achieve the effect of concrete on the wall or floor. It is a practical and minimalistic solution, because the Scandinavians like simplicity and clean lines.


Microcement floor for hall 

microcement floor - Scandinavian style

Light plays a key role in Scandinavian homes. To make the most of natural sunlight in the winter, the windows are very large and usually there are no curtains or net curtains. In this hall we have floor-to-ceiling windows, thanks to which the interior is bright and the concrete floor is beautifully exposed. The use of microcement in the hallway is a practical solution. This material is very resistant to scratches and moisture, so you do not have to worry that it will be damaged by winter shoes, melting snow, sand and salt.


microcement floor - Scandinavian style

Textiles are an inseparable part of a Danish apartment, and small carpets (you can find them at IKEA) on a microconcrete floor look simply great.


Microcement over tiles (bathroom renovation)

We have repeatedly recommended the use of microcement for renovation. Here is a concrete and proven example of how the microcement has been placed on existing tiles in a bathroom on the wall and on the floor. Festwall waterproof decorative plaster is used on the wall and  resin flooring system Fesftloor Life on the floor. The before and after pictures perfectly show the effect of the harmonious interior, which was obtained thanks to the microcement.

microcement bathroom renovation - before and after


microcement shower cabin

Festfloor products are 100% waterproof, so they can even be used for shower cabins.


microcement bathroom floor - Scandinavian style

The concrete floor in the bathroom is easy to clean. An additional advantage is the fact that no dirt is visible on this floor, so you do not have to run with a mop every day;)


Microcement wall for living room

microcement wall - Scandinavian style

Concrete microcement plaster fits perfectly with the wooden parquet in the living room.


Microcement floor for winter garden

To survive the winter months, the Danes eagerly build glass verandas / winter gardens. The microcement also works well in these types of rooms. You need so little to create a cozy corner – a micro-cement floor and DIY furniture – a table made of parquet planks, a sofa made of pallets, an old stylish console, a little color on chairs and soft cushions with charming patterns. There were also large lanterns on the floor. The photos of before and after are  indeed impressive!

microcement winter garden renovation - before and after

microcement floor - Scandinavian style


Thanks to the micro-cement we can renovate the whole house, achieving a consistent effect and durability for years.

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