5 advantages of ready-to-use microcement: Festfloor GO!


In times when quick effects and convenience count the most, we introduced a new product – FESTFLOOR GO! one-component microcement ready-to-use . To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we have created a liquid microcement which, after opening and short mixing, is ready for application on walls, floors or furniture. In today’s article, we present the five most important advantages of ready-to-use microcement.


ready to use microcement

1. Ready-to-use microcement: Saving time and money

The traditional formula of microcement systems is two components – a dry mass and a liquid polymer, along with a liquid pigment. All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly before use with a mixing drill. If we buy individual components of the system separately or we do not want to use the entire contents of the set at once, we must accurately measure the amount of ingredients given in the technical sheet. Precise electronic scale should be used for this. Transferring dry matter from a bucket to a bucket and mixing generates a lot of mess and care must be taken to protect the surfaces from being damaged. To this unevenly mixed material leaves unsightly stains on the wall (read also: The most common mistakes when applying microcement). In contrast to this, using a single-component product is much easier. It is enough to mix it a bit, just as it is recommended in case of paints. The microcement ready for use saves you time and money.



ready to use microcement - colors2. Ready-to-use microcement: A wide range of colors

Ready-to-use microcement is available in shades reflecting the RAL palette. Customers usually choose shades of gray, but you can choose any other shade (read also: 3 advantages of coloured microcements). Microcement mass is factory pigmented and does not require separate addition of dyes, and working with colors modeled on a standard RAL palette can save the time needed to make samples and certainly facilitate conversation with architects or interior decorators.


3.Ready-to-use microcement: Always the same color

Thanks to the fact that the pigment is added at the production stage, the contractor does not have to measure and add dyes. In a ready-to-use microcement we used specially selected pigments of the highest quality, which ensure that by selecting the same shade from the palette, we will achieve the same color effect on the wall or floor.


4. Ready-to-use microcement: Water resistance

By creating Festfloor GO !, we have taken care to preserve all the key properties of the traditional two-component microcement to increase the convenience of using the product. Ready-to-use microcement is a product based on aggregates and polymers, which ensure water tightness as well as its two-component counterpart. Therefore, it can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools, kitchens, etc. (read also: Is béton ciré plaster waterproof? Can I use it in the bathroom?).

It should be emphasized that not all products available on the market called microcement or conrete plasters / floorings  are waterproof. Every time, check what is what the manufacturer declares, or simply choose Festfloor GO!.


5. Ready-to-use microcementYou buy and use as much as you need

Sometimes it happens when working with microcement, that you have to mix a part of the material for one layer, and the next day prepare and apply the second layer. If we mix too much material, the excess will simply go to waste – the product will be harden in a bucket. In the case of single component microcement, this problem does not exist. This is because firstly we use only as much ready-to-use microcement as needed, and secondly, thanks to the changed formula, even a small amount of product stored in a closed container will not bond and it can be used later. The product’s shelf life is up to 1 year.

The ready-to-use microcement has many advantages, but if for some reason you are a contractor who prefers a traditional two-component product, we remind you that it is still (and will be) available in our regular offer.