Why is a good microcement sealer so important?

All microcement systems require adequate protection against moisture, dirt and dust. As a microcement manufacturer, we know perfectly well that the success of making a microcement floor or other surface  depends on three factors: a well-chosen microcement system, a trained and experienced team of installers, and a high-quality sealer.

There are many sealers on the market that differ in composition, and hence resistance to abrasion, protection against dirt, degree of water resistance and adhesion to the substrate.
Undoubtedly, the best varnishes for microcement are polyurethane two-component varnishes, because only the use of two components ensures the appropriate parameters of the finishing layer, durable protection and high aesthetic qualities. Read more about how to choose the right microcement varnish that best suits your needs.


PU Fest 2K – fourth-generation microcement sealer

PU FEST 2K is a water-based two-component polyurethane sealer for surface protection. It is perfectly suited for the protection of floors and walls made of microcement and resin as well as mineral floors. It does not turn yellow, it is resistant to sun’s UV rays. It works perfectly at home and in places particularly exposed to pedestrian traffic such as corridors of public buildings, cafesmuseums and shops. Immediately after application, the sealer is glossy, but after drying it gives an elegant, satin, velvety to the touch finish.

PU Fest 2K is the latest product of the fourth generation, with very high resistance to abrasion and dirt. After application, it forms a smooth, colorless surface with very high strength. The latest generation is characterized by low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and total environmental safety. The product is also hypoallergenic.

How to apply PU Fest 2K microcement sealer?

After applying the microcement in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, prepare the surface. It must be hardened, load-bearing, dry, clean and free of dust, waxes and oils. The hardener in a ratio of 5: 1 (5 parts by weight of component A: 1 part by weight of component B) is poured into the container with the sealer and mixed thoroughly. Then add 10% water in relation to the whole weight of components A and B (e.g. 5kg of component A + 1kg of component B + 0.6kg of water). Components must be mixed thoroughly and leave the container open for about 10 minutes and then mixed again.
It is important to use a high quality roller (velor or microfiber) with a bristle length of at least 8mm. Depending on your needs, you can apply one or two layers of varnish. The second layer of PU FEST 2k varnish can be applied after 4 hours without the need to sand or after 24 hours after sanding the surface with 220 grit abrasive paper.
We do not recommend using PU FEST 2k varnish during hot and cold weather, when weather conditions are not favorable. The optimum application temperature of the varnish is in the range +15 ° C ÷ +25 ° C. In addition, be sure to ensure the right temperature during storage and transport of varnish. Overheated or frozen varnish can not be used.


Technical data for the PU Fest 2K microcement sealer:

5 parts by weight of component A: 1 part by weight of component B
COLOR: colorless

Dry for touch after 2 hours
Light pedestrian traffic is possible after 24 hours, full load after 7 days

CONSUME: 0.1-0.15 kg / m²
OPTICS: satin mat
OPEN TIME: 2 hours
SHELF LIFE: 12 months

This product is for indoor use only.

Technical sheet of the product

Technical data sheets