Pink microcement wall in an eclectic bathroom [photos]


Our clients surprise us every day. This time  it was Marisa and Chris from Oak Apple Decor, interior designers from Yorkshire, UK. They ordered a pink microcement to finish their bathroom, and the results of their work exceeded all expectations.

Marisa and Chris are not afraid to use colors, patterns, textures, small details.  The strength of the interior is its eclecticism. Eclectic interior is great for modern people who want to create and are not afraid to show their courage and go beyond the usual.  Every piece of furniture and accessory is studied and unique. The bathroom they designed is decorated in warm, natural colors. Shades of pink dominate, from red brick, copper, to dusty, millennial pink.

We have here exposed brick wall, traditional mosaic on the floor, a classical copper bathtub and copper fittings, a bit of marble, a shower with steel enclosure in the loft style and our pink microcement. Interestingly, the client – interior designer, not a professional installer – grabbed a trowel and made a microcement wall all by himself. It came out perfectly and it is hard to believe that it was his first time ever with this product!

We love the intimacy of this bathroom and the way it balances innovative solutions with elements of classic and vintage (look at this tub!). The bathroom looks comfortable, beautiful and unusual. Marisa and Chris created a harmonious interior which only proves they have an impeccable taste.


Pink microcement kit

The microcement is waterproof, so it can be safely used in the shower. To additionally protect the microcement against dirt and moisture, Chris used a satin polyurethane varnish, which is part of the microcement system.

For the project, he used Festwall Life microcement kit for walls with a pink pigment. In the case of a two-component microcement, the customer adds the right amount of pigment to get the color he/she needs. If the customer is not sure what shade to use, he/she can make several samples on the construction site and finally decide which one ultimately suits him.

In turn, choosing a  ready-to-use FestfloorGo! microcement, the customer orders a specific color from the palette and can be sure that it will always be the same shade. The customer does not have to mix anything, he/she just opens the bucket and can apply the product to the wall or floor.

If you are not sure which color or product to choose, contact us, we will try to help you.

In the meantime, we invite you to view photos from this awesome project!


Pink microcement in the shower – photos


pink microcement bathroom wall

pink microtopping shower wall

pink microcement

pink microcement bathroom wall

bathroom with pink microcement

pink microcement wall in a bathroom

Thank you Chris and Marisa for your trust and congratulations on the wonderful design. We are waiting for further projects with Festfloor microcement 🙂