Moroccan-inspired bathroom with white microcement. Color: FF9003 [photos]


Microcement is considered a material that is perfect for loft and industrial interiors. For them, customers most often choose gray or black microcement. However, thanks to an almost unlimited palette of colors, the microcement will also fit into more exotic interior styles.


Moroccan style in the interiors

The Moroccan style is a decoration trend that has its origins in Moorish and Moroccan architecture. Beautifully evocative, the Moroccan style is simply stunning. The richness of colors, classic lines of architecture and exotic furniture designs make it one of the most interesting decorating styles in the world. It is difficult to repeat in its entirety, but we can introduce many of its elements into our own homes, no matter where we live.


What are the main features of the Moroccan style?

  • Mosaics with symmetrical patterns or back-polishing, which have complementary shades, are often used for flooring.
  • Ceramic tiles inspired by the Moroccan style in countless shades of blue are very popular. Other distinctive shades range from Marrakech’s deep reds to earthy, natural browns and creams.
  • Among the decorative motifs, the so-called Moroccan clover.
  • As in Moroccan buildings, the decor features numerous arches and lace shades.
  • The arrangements are dominated by natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, metal and natural fabrics.

Microcement in a bathroom inspired by the Moroccan style

Is there a place for microcement in a Moroccan style interior design? Of course! The microcement is so universal that it can be used in any interior style.

Although Morocco is associated with the omnipresent splendor, the interior inspired by the Moroccan style does not have to be exaggerated and rich. It can be minimalist, subdued and elegant – as you can see in the example of the bathroom we present today. On the floor we have traditional tiles with the famous Moroccan clover pattern, and an arch leads to the room instead of a door. This is where Moroccan inspiration ends. The walls and the countertop under the sinks have been covered with white microcement Festfloor Go! color: FF9003. The fittings are simple old gold-colored faucets, plus a minimalist walk-in shower (learn more: Microcement in the shower and on the walk-in shower tray). The contractor for this perfect project was Beton Koncept.

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microcement moroccan style

microcement moroccan style

microcement moroccan style