Modern oasis of tranquillity: microcement in the “House with a footbridge”

Today we take you to a place where minimalism and living comfort come together in harmony. “The house with the footbridge”, situated among lush Mazovian forests and meadows, is unique not only because of its location, but also thanks to its carefully considered design, where every detail plays a key role. In this house, where space and materials are used with the highest care, one creates not only a functional retreat, but also a true oasis of calm.

The project by a duo of architects – Krzysztof Kamienobrodzki and  Paulina Karwowska – stands out from standard projects. Here, in contrast to the urban jungle, every element of the interior breathes in the rhythm of nature. The microcement, providing consistency and elegance, was applied with the precision characteristic by Projekt Mikrocement, while providing the foundation for the rest of the project.

Additionally, the ‘House with a Footbridge’ becomes a gallery where art and craft find their irreplaceable place. Abstract canvases and handmade works of art create a dialogue with the raw beauty of the microcement surfaces, proving that a balance between functionality and aesthetics can be found in the world of design. It is here, amidst the serenity of the Mazovian landscapes, that art merges with the everyday, creating a space that is as inspiring as it is comfortable.

July Beige: Harmony in the “House with a footbridge”

The interior, which is decorated with microcement in the shade July Beige, brings a sense of calm and elegance to the “House with a footbridge” – named for its distinctive architectural element. The flooring in this warm and neutral colour makes each room appear more open and lighter, subtly contrasting with the darker footbridge that cuts through the space, creating a dynamic but cohesive whole in the house.

This uniform floor surface harmonises with natural light and enhances the simplicity of the interior, creating the perfect backdrop for the selected art and carefully chosen furniture. In every corner of the “House with a footbridge”, microcement, as a distinct but discreet architectural element, accentuates the space without dominating it, allowing the other materials and colours of the interior to speak their own language.

The choice of microcement in the colour July Beige is a conscious addition to the project, which emphasises its multidimensional character and enables the creation of a place that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. It is the materialisation of an idea where design interacts harmoniously with the surrounding nature, making the ‘House with a footbridge’ an ideal place to live that reflects the contemporary search for a balance between nature and domestic warmth.”

Microcement and wood: a symbiosis of materials 

Combining modernity with natural warmth, the interior of the “House with a footbridge” becomes a space where microcement and wood coexist in harmony. This dialogue between microcement and wood carries over to different parts of the house, where the uniform microcement flooring harmonises perfectly with the rich, natural colouring of the wooden accents. In the dining room, microcement is the backdrop for the wooden table and chairs, which evoke a feeling of homely warmth while remaining in keeping with the clean and minimalist aesthetic.

The bathroom in the “House with a footbridge”

The bathroom in ‘House with a Footbridge’ is an example of how subtle details can define a space. The microcement in the shade July Beige on the walls is not only an expression of the search for durability and ease of care, but also a conscious aesthetic choice. The neutral wall colour is a backdrop that emphasises the depth of the wooden elements and the clean lines of the bathroom fixtures, which together create a sophisticated and calm atmosphere.

Summary: Elegance and Practicality in Minimalism

In summary, the “House with a footbridge” is a thoughtful combination of design and functionality. The July Beige microcement, spread over the floors, becomes a backdrop for everyday life, while emphasising the spaciousness and luminosity of the interiors. Moreover, thanks to its adaptability, it harmonises perfectly with the elements of wood and art, creating a unique symbiosis.

The thoughtful aesthetics that microcement introduces are combined with function, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Thus, the “House with a footbridge” not only responds to aesthetic needs, but also to the daily requirements of the inhabitants.

Product: Festfloor Life
Colour: FL03 July Beige
Contractor: Projekt Mikrocement
Interior designer: Paulina Karwowska
Architect: Krzysztof Kamienobrodzki
Photos: Grzegorz Rejniak (Paralax)