Modern classic style and microcement. Color July Go Beige FF2002JB [ photos ]


What is classic modern style

The Modern Classic style is a combination of modernity and tradition. The main inspiration for this style are English and French salons from two centuries ago. It is distinguished by elegant, simple lines of modern design style combined with traditional quilted furniture or wooden chests of drawers.

The key element of the modern classic style is symmetry. We use to have here identical lamps and cabinets on both sides of the bed, armchairs arranged in pairs, all decorations, e.g. candlesticks or vases, arranged symmetrically on consoles. Often there is also a leitmotif, e.g. an identical pattern on curtains and pillowcases. Thanks to this, despite the abundance of decorations, the interiors are consistent and orderly.

Another characteristic feature of this style are subdued, delicate colors – most often shades of white, beige, warm browns. Accessories and textiles match the color of the rest of the room. Sometimes they can have a delicate pattern or a delicate color accent, e.g. in a shade of green, powder pink or blue. There is no place for contrasting color combinations. When it comes to accessories, they are very elegant and luxurious, with touches of gold or silver.

The house in the modern classic style is bright, comfortable and cozy. The interior has a balance between classic arrangements in a palace atmosphere and modern minimalism, e.g. on the walls we can admire stucco work like from 19th-century tenement houses combined with minimalist chairs with metal legs or a modern glass balustrade.


Microcement in a modern classic interior

The traditional material for floors in traditional interiors is, of course, wood. What if we prefer a more modern solution instead of parquet? Light microcement will be perfect as a delicate base for a modern classic interior. The project we present today was made by Tomek Grabarczyk in a single-family house in Borówiec near Poznań

Microcement in a subtle July Go Beige FF2002JB color covers over one hundred square meters of flooring in the living room, corridor, bedroom and bathroom. This extremely impressive interior combines modern materials such as microcement (floor), glass (balustrade) or metal (furniture) with traditional marble on the stairs and in the bathroom. The whole house is bathed in white and shades of beige, and the accessories are dominated by gold elements (furniture legs, drawer handles, lamps). The upholstery of the furniture is made of velor, as befits a modern classic, while the modern expression of this room is given by the simple form of the furniture – minimalist shapes, whiteness and lightness provided by metal legs.

This house is extremely elegant, bright and cozy. Just have a look!


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