Modern brutalism style apartment

The project we want to present today is an excellent example of the “modern brutalism” style. But what exactly is it? Modern brutalism is the inspiration of minimalist and austere modernist architecture of the 1950s and 1960s, focusing on the use of simple, “raw” materials such as concrete, steel and microcement. There is no room for unnecessary ornamentation; beauty comes from contrasts, textures and uncompromising simplicity.

Salon: microcement and Retro Charm.

In the living room with light microcement flooring, besides the gray sofa with black and brown pillows, the attention is drawn to Agnieszka Wielewska’s painting “February” hanging above it. This contemporary accent fits perfectly into the context of modern brutalism, while introducing a touch of abstraction and depth.

Moving further into the room, we come across a leather chaise longue and black armchairs. Their presence in the living room is like a confession of what is best in modern brutalism: the skillful combination of austerity with luxury and comfort. The chaise longue and armchairs, despite their imposing nature, do not overwhelm the space, but actually define it.

We can’t forget about the RTV cabinet hanging under the TV, which, with its style reminiscent of the communist years, brings a subtle retro touch to the living room.

Kitchen full of contrasts

In the kitchen, black kitchen cabinets draw attention, creating a striking contrast with the bright microcement flooring. The stone countertop and green plant accent add a unique touch to the space. Nearby, in the dining area, the stone kitchen island is accompanied by a futuristic UFO-style lamp and a black table. The unique atmosphere is complemented by chairs in two versions: natural wood and classic black, creating together a coherent and at the same time surprising composition.

Modern Brutalism in Every Detail

In this interior, every element – from the furniture to the textiles to the art – works together to create a place that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This combination of austerity and elegance, minimalism and luxury, makes this apartment an excellent example of the application of modern brutalism in interior design.”

Contractor: @‌beton_koncept
Area: 140 m^2.
Product: Festfloor Life
Colour: 2000n
Varnish: PU Fest 2K, satin