Trends: Colours of the year 2023



Colour of the Year is the annual selection of the most fashionable colour, which is announced by various colour design and production companies such as Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and many others. This selection is often regarded as an indicator of colour trends for the coming year. It serves as an inspiration for designers and trendsetters around the world. Let’s see which colours will reign supreme in 2023 and how they can be used in interiors.

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1. Viva Magenta (colour of the year 2023 by Pantone)

Pantone Color of the Year is an annual selection by Pantone, which specialises in creating colour palettes and developing colour standards.

Viva Magenta 18-1750 is a colour with a reddish purple hue inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious natural dyes. It exudes vitality and energy, representing a joyful and optimistic celebration of life. It is an option for bold designers and builders who wish to add expression to their interiors. However, it should be used with care, as intense colours are problematic when combined with others. They can overwhelm a design if used in excess. For this reason, we recommend using single pieces of furniture and accessories in this colour, such as a velour armchair, tableware or a painting.



  1. Ombre glasses, notonthehighstreet, 24,99 GBP, 2. Abstract painting, Way Fair, from 21,99 GBP, 3. Velour jacket, Banana Republic, 224,9 USD, 4. Microcement FestfloorGo RAL-3018 (custom dyed), 5. Swivel chair MHT 202, MakeHome, 1430 zł



2. Redend Point (Colour of the Year 2023 by Sherwin Williams) 

Sherwin-Williams is an American company that produces paints and paint products. Every year, the company announces its Color of the Year, a selection of the most fashionable colour for the coming year. In 2021, the colour of the year according to Sherwin-Williams was Urbane Bronze (literally ‘urban brown’), and in 2020 it was Naval (navy blue). This year, the podium belongs to a warm beige-pink shade – Redend Point.

Sherwin-Williams’ colour of the year 2023 blends perfectly with other warm colours such as terracotta, brown and light beige. The shade does not overwhelm interiors, but on the contrary gives them a discreet, elegant charm. It can be used to cover large areas of walls or cabinets. Moreover it also looks beautiful on all textiles such as curtains, bedding, carpets and cushions.

  1. Bedding set, Etsy, 243,39 GBP, 2. Structured sweater Tatuum, Zalando, 199,99 zł, 3. Geometric wall decoration, Etsy, 175,95 GBP



3. Vining Ivy (Colour of the year 2023 by PPG) 

For 2023, PPG, owner of the Dekoral brand, is proposing the cool marine shade Vining Ivy. Similar shades were also chosen in previous years: Aegean Teal (Benjamine Moore’s 2021 colour of the year) or Misty Aqua (PPG’s 2021 colour of the year).

Vining Ivy is a green with strong blue tones that will be particularly prominent in interiors with a northern exposure. In contrast, it will appear greener in sunny rooms. The colour is reminiscent of the deep waters of the Caribbean sea.

It is a vivid colour, which may be a little too intense as a paint colour on the walls in an interior. However, it will look great on furniture, front doors, on the walls in a large bright bedroom or on the walls and ceiling of a small toilet (it will optically enlarge it). We suggest combining it with wood and accessories in broken white, terracotta, brown and brass.

  1. Microcement FestfloorGo! NCS-S-2020-B30G (barwiony na zamówienie) 2. Cocktail dress Trendyol, Zalando, 219 zł, 3. Sofa provocateur, Inspiro design, 9900 zł 4. Abstract marine painting, mebleglamour, 1895 zł, 



4. Wild Wonder (Colour of the Year 2023 by Akzo Nobel) 

AkzoNobel is the owner of the Dulux brand, which produces paints and interior finishing products. Every year, the company announces its choice of the most fashionable colour for the coming year.

Wild Wonder is a shade inspired by the warm tones of wheat or barley fields just before harvest. Its joyful glow connects us to nature, bringing energy and optimism to our space. What makes it particularly special is its ability to change radically in various lighting. When applied to walls, it can change its shade throughout the day – one time it will be greener, the other more golden.

It is ideal if you want to warm up the interior of a living room or bedroom. It comes from nature, so it goes very well with neutral linen curtains, a sisal rug or wicker or wooden accessories.




5. Alizarin (Colour of the year 2023 by Graham & Brown)  

Graham & Brown is the UK’s leading wallpaper manufacturer, which has nominated Alizarin chestnut red as its colour of the year for 2023. The name is derived from alizarin, a red dye used in antiquity and extracted from the roots of the marzana dye.

Deep and moody, Alizarin highlights the beauty of natural earth tones, combining the best rust reds and terracotta tones. It aims to be an alternative to beiges and greys. According to the stylists at Graham&Brown, the colour creates an extremely cosy atmosphere: “With rising energy bills, we are looking for ways to evoke a sense of warmth in our homes, and these shades and their combination with nature create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.”

  1. Wallpaper Graham, 2. Dress MaxMara, 3. Curtains, 4. Fleece blanket, Homla, 49,99 zł, 5. Mikrocement FestfloorGo RAL-3009 (custome dye), 6. Tray with a floral motif, Homla, 34,99 zł



6. Raspberry Blush (Colour of the Year 2023 by Benjamin Moore) 

This year, paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore is offering Raspberry Blush – a vibrant shade of radiant red and coral orange, tinged with juicy pink.

After the muted, neutral colours that Benjamin Moore promoted in previous years (soft, pastel pink was the colour of the year 2020, while in 2022 it was a fuzzy green-grey), it was time for a return to optimistic, intense shades. Raspberry Blush is simply the joy of living we’ve been waiting for.

Breathe new life into living room walls and panelling with Raspberry Blush. You can paint an arch or wall to bring vibrant colours into any space. If you’re not brave enough, reach for accessories – warm plaids, ceramics, curtains and other textiles.

1. Ethnic pattern blanket, Urban outfitters, 25 EUR, 2. Cashmere sweater Ralph Lauren, 735,20 zł, 3. Set of plates, Anthropologie, 60 EUR, 4. Mikrocement FestfloorGo  RAL-3002 (custome dye)