Microcement in various guises. Colour FL01 Warm Beige. [Photos]

We are proud to present a dose of photos from the Pracownia Betonu project. The owners of the flat opted for a warm, beige microcement floor, which is the dominant element of the interior design. This material uniquely blends with the furnishings in every corner, creating a coherent and harmonious space.

Different faces of microcement

The living room, which is connected to the kitchen and dining area, exudes a monochrome and relaxed style. The beige flooring works perfectly with the geometric pattern of the carpet and the soft format of the thonet chairs. It also creates a contrast to the dark brown kitchen cabinets, which adds character and a sense of depth to the interior.

The bathroom impresses with a large free-standing bathtub and an original painting as its focal points. The microcement in a beige shade gives the entire space a uniform look, highlighting the natural origin of the accessories. Thanks to this combination, the bathroom exudes calm and harmony, creating the perfect place to relax and recharge.

It would be unthinkable to ignore the hallway, which plays a key role in this interior, connecting the different rooms and creating a cohesive whole. As well as providing a comfortable bed for the dog, the lobby is a harmonious combination of design elements, where the beige microcement creates a unified atmosphere.

Distinct parts of the whole

The entire interior design is carefully considered and realised in a way that delights. The microcement flooring adds elegance and modernity while creating cohesion between the various rooms. Appropriately chosen colours, materials and furnishings have created a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and resident-friendly.

Product: Festfloor Life
Colour: Warm Beige FL01
Varnish: PU FEST 2K satin
Contractor: Pracownia Betonu
Photos: W_SRODKU Interior Photography