Microcement in the middle of the forest, or a house with a soul. [Photos]


“We live under a forest” – this is how our client, whose amazing house we would like to show you today, describes her place of residence. The house in the middle of the forest did not come about by chance. It was brought about by the energetic character of a little boy – the owners’ son – who deeply dreamt of having his own backyard and a dog. The dream came true and not only for the boy, but also for his mother! The homeowner had always wanted to decorate her interior herself so that it reminded her of the warmth of her family home. Thanks to her decorating flair and hard work, they managed to create their dream home together.


What does the interior look like?


As intended, the interiors were filled with lots of flowers and plants, and the colour scheme oscillates around beige and brown. The client called her home space ‘modern 90s’, as it combines elements from her childhood years and… modern microcement! Those who thought that microcement was a finishing material only used in flats in big cities can now admit they were wrong! There is no shortage of it in this house. Microcement was used in the kitchen above the worktop, in the bathroom on the floor and walls, including the one in the shower, on the staircase and the stairs themselves, and on the walls in the living room. Although the same colour was used in all these rooms (July go beige, Festfloor Go!), it looks different in each space thanks to the different textures created during the application process and the different lighting. This makes the interior more original and vibrant.



The entire décor consists of a combination of many styles, but this is no accident. As the client puts it: “-Our interior is supposed to reflect us: me, my son and my husband. Our interior is supposed to look like us’. In our opinion, this is a beautiful message; after all, the most important thing is to really feel at home in your home. A cast-iron fireplace, furniture in shades of brown and beige, boho-style wicker accessories and lots of wonderful family heirlooms surrounded by an abundance of plants make the house in the middle of the forest a place you always want to return to.


With your own hands!


And that’s not all. The finishing touches to this huge space (152 m^2) were done by none other than the owners themselves! They didn’t need a renovation team, their enthusiasm and instruction in the use of Festfloor microcement was enough. Let this magnificent project be a testament to those who are still worried that they can’t manage to apply the microcement themselves.


The end result is stunning. See for yourself!



Product: Festfloor Go!
Colour: FF2002 July Go Beige
Sealer: PU FEST 2K matt
Photos: mieszkamy.pod.lasem