Microcement in the bathroom – frequently asked questions (FAQ)


The use of microcement in bathrooms is becoming an increasingly popular solution. However, its application and further usage in wet areas still raises many questions. The key to the successful use of this versatile material is proper knowledge of its application. Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the application and use of microcement in the bathroom will help dispel any doubts and provide the necessary information:


Is it possible to use microcement in the shower?

Yes, microcement is an excellent material for use in bathrooms, including in the shower, around the bathtub or basin. It combines aesthetics with functionality, but the correct substrate preparation and waterproofing is key to its proper performance.

How should the substrate be prepared for microcement in wet areas?

Substrate preparation is an essential part of the task, especially in areas where water is frequently encountered. The first step is to apply waterproofing – waterproofing tapes or bandages, which are an excellent choice, especially at the wall junction or where the wall joins the floor. For additional protection, it is recommended to cover the surface with a liquid foil or other waterproofing compound.

Is microcement suitable for worktops in wet areas such as bathrooms?

Yes, microcement is a great choice for countertops in bathrooms. Microcement creates a uniform, waterproof coating, ideal for wet room applications. Through the absence of joints, this material eliminates the threat of fungus and mould, while also being very durable. What’s more, the cleanliness and aesthetics of microcement surfaces are easy to maintain.

How do we ensure that microcement in areas exposed to moisture serves us for as long as possible?

Once the microcement has been applied in two layers and properly sanded, it becomes crucial to protect it against moisture. The use of a special sealer is recommended for this purpose – PU FEST Turbo is recommended for shower floors. On walls, on the other hand, the application of two layers of PU FEST 2K sealer works well. Such protection not only guarantees effective protection against moisture, but also contributes to prolonging the life of the microcement.


Microcement countertop and basin made of Festfloor GO!, custom color NCS S 0500-N, sealer PU FEST 2K matt (place – Caldera Studio, photo – Karolina Fidkowska Photography).