Microcement wax, or how to quickly renew a microcement floor


A microcement floor – just like any other material – wears out over time and may require renovation. Thanks to our new product, FF Wax, the microcement will regain its shine and cleaning will be even easier.


What is FF Wax?

FF Wax is a wax for the maintenance of varnished surfaces, including microcement floors. It is a product based on waxes and acrylics which, when applied, creates a waterproof protective layer. This coating is hard and abrasion resistant. It also has anti-skid properties. The wax is odorless, vapor-permeable, completely safe, resistant to polishing and alcohol disinfection.


When to use microcement wax?

FF Wax will work in the following cases:

  • as an additional coating protection, thanks to which the varnish will not wear out, dirt will not enter the pores of the microcement, therefore the daily cleaning of the microcement floor will be even easier. We especially recommend it for rooms such as a vestibule or hall.
  • as a varnish renovator – varnish, which is used to finish a microcement floor, may be damaged over time: it can get chipped, rubbed, scratched. The wax will renew the varnish, smooth its surface and fill any cavities. You do not need to sand the surface and apply a new coat of varnish, regular waxing is usually enough.


How to use FF Wax microcement wax?

Before applying the wax, the floor surface must be dry (less than 3% humidity) and thoroughly dusted and washed. The wax container should be well shaken. The product is ready for use and should not be diluted. We recommend applying it in sections, using a microfiber mop in 2-3 thin layers. The drying time between coats is at least 60 minutes. Additional polishing, increasing the gloss, can be done with a soft pad after the surface is completely dry (2-3 days).

The consumption of the product depends on the surface and the method of application and for one layer it is on average approx. 1-3 l per 100 m².

There are products available in satin or gloss.

The product is for indoor use only.

More information can be found in the technical sheet