Microcement tools and accessories: all you will need


Choosing the right microcement tools is an important factor that determines the final effect that we will achieve. High quality microcement tools and accessories can help you get the most from your microcement projects. Our selection of items including trowels, handles, paint rollers and masking tapes and more can do much more than just help improve your results. They can make the entire job easier, faster and ultimately, more satisfying.


Microcement trowel

Microcement trowel. Buy the trowel in our store.

Microcement trowel

What to apply decorative concrete plasters and microcement with? Can the same trowels be used for floors and walls? Which trowel to choose? The basic tool for microcement is a stainless steel trowel. We use it to form the microcement and give it the ultimate look. The microcement trowel is usually shorter than the smoothing float, thanks to which we can more easily create patterns with it. Basically, you can use the same trowel for walls and floors, although it all depends on the preferences and workshop of each contractor.

The microcement trowel we recommend ensures maximum comfort of applying microcement on horizontal and vertical surfaces, both in small and large spaces. The blade has round tips and a bevelled edge. The extremely smooth bottom of the working plate is made of very durable steel, which guarantees durability of the trowel and ensures its corrosion resistance. The handle is light, durable and ergonomic.

Important: for the trowel to serve us for a long time, wash it thoroughly with water after each use.


Painter's tape

Painter’s tape. Buy the tape in our store.

Masking tape

Painting tape is used to protect smooth surfaces during plastering, painting or microcement application. It is used to protect window profiles and door frames as well as to cut off colors and individual walls. The tape should, first of all, be durable (not tear), adhere well to the surface and leave no traces.

Our green masking tape guarantees the highest quality at a reasonable price. Made of strong, slightly creped, impregnated paper with a UV layer. The tape uses an innovative system of covering the carrier with Solvent glue (natural rubber), which results in perfect adhesion to the surface and ensures that nothing is leaking, and the tape does not stick and leave no traces of glue. Moreover, natural rubber provides the possibility of application in all conditions and is adapted to low and high temperatures (it can be used both indoors and outdoors).


Key properties of the product:

  • It sticks very well to various types of surfaces
  • It does not leak, provides clean painting lines
  • It leaves no traces of glue
  • It does not fall
  • It may remain on surfaces for up to 30 days
  • Resistant to UV radiation,
  • Easily removable
  • Leaves sharp edges
  • For indoor and outdoor use


Paint rollers. Buy rollers in our store.

Microfiber rollers. Buy rollers in our store.

Microfiber roller

The sealer roller is often underestimated. It would seem that these are trivial tools that differ only in the size and length of the bristles… wrong! A good roller is the key to success. We apply it to the last layer of the microcement system and a poor-quality roller can spoil everything. What is the best roller to seal microcement? The best is a microfiber roller with a bristle length of 8mm. Using rollers with both shorter and longer bristles may result in unwanted stains or roller marks.

The rollers that we recommend for the application of our sealers provide, among others:

  • optimal sealer consumption
  • covering the entire surface with sealer evenly
  • do not leave “fluff” on the surface, do not make dust
  • they can be used for polyurethane sealers, both water-based and solvent-based



Roller handle

In addition to the roller, you also need a handle. While the rollers are rather disposable and new ones are used for each project, a good handle can be used for years.  It is equipped with a plastic handle with an easy attachment system.