Microcement staircase in the centre of attention – JULY BEIGE [photos]

Today we are pleased to present an exceptionally charming space in which the beige microcement staircase becomes the real centre of attention. They are a masterpiece of precision and style making them memorable at first glance. Made with extreme care, they impress with an aesthetic and elegance that is almost impossible to miss. Through their simple form and warm, subtle shades of beige, they bring a sense of harmony and tranquillity to the interior, while the raw character of microcement gives them a unique expression.

It is difficult not to notice how the subtle shades of beige of the staircase harmonise with the natural colours of the surroundings. The stairs, finished by Twoja Sciana – Mikrocement – Beton architektoniczny, are a point of contact between the rawness of microcement and the organic character of wood, creating a unique atmosphere. They catch the eye without overwhelming other elements of the décor.

The accessories, carefully selected and placed around the staircase, enhance its unique character. A wicker armchair with a leaf pattern cushion is the perfect place to relax, introducing a touch of nature and counterbalancing the rawness of the microcement. In addition, the black standing lamp adds character to the space and the pots of green plants bring a touch of freshness and life to the interior. These elements create a harmonious whole that harmonises with the beige staircase, emphasising its central place in the space.

This interior is dominated by a balanced minimalism, where every element has its place and function. It is a place where modernity meets naturalness, and the rawness of microcement blends perfectly with the warmth of wood. The space is full of harmony, and the beige staircase is an extremely important accent in the space, bringing a touch of rawness and modern elegance to the interior.

Product: Festfloor Life
Colour: FL03 July Beige
Sealer: PU FEST 2K matt
Contractor: Twoja Sciana – Mikrocement – Beton architektoniczny
Photos:  bilbil.pl