Harmony of materials: Interior with a microcement touch [photos].

In today’s article, we take you to an interior that catches the eye from the very threshold. A home where raw materials meet elegant aesthetics and where microcement, created by Projekt Mikrocement, is the unquestioned main character. Here is an overview of a space where stone, wood and microcement form a harmonious whole, while different shades of beige emphasise the warmth and cosiness of the interior. Take a journey through the hall, living room with dining area, kitchen, bathroom and staircase – all in one unique home. Get inspired!

Hypnotic hall

The first room that introduces us to this unique space is the hall. This is the place where the microcement shows its best side. The wooden wall is adorned with a huge 180 cm diameter circular mirror, illuminated from behind, creating an unusual effect reminiscent of a moon phase. The shadow cast on the microcement flooring adds further glamour to this space.


Spacious living room

The focal and most spacious room in the house is the living room, which flows seamlessly into the dining and kitchen space. Here the microcement flooring, which is a natural extension of the hall, changes shade depending on the light, bringing an almost mesmerising play of colours and lights into the space. The living room is dominated by a large black glass table with a subtle marble texture. Around the table are six comfortable orange velour-covered armchairs. They draw attention with their vibrant colour, contrasting with the more subdued shade of the floor. Above the table hangs an unusual chandelier, reminiscent of a star constellation, which adds to the unique character of the place.


Open plan kitchen

Maintained in a consistent colour scheme, the kitchen blends harmoniously with the living room. Kitchen cabinets in stylish shades of grey are combined with natural wood accessories and glazed fronts. The unusual space between the cabinets and the worktop is made of light grey stone, creating a unique combination with the microcement flooring. This harmony of materials – stone, microcement and wood – makes the kitchen a place that is not only functional, but above all extremely aesthetically pleasing and cosy.

Charming bathroom

From the kitchen we move on to the bathroom, which is also a room where the combination of materials plays a key role. The wall, clad in light brown stone, blends harmoniously with the microcement floor, whose soft beige tones are consistent with the rest of the interior. The form of the washbasin and toilet draws attention with their rounded shapes, adding character to the bathroom. All this creates a unique and coherent whole, emphasising the elegant character of the interior.


Stylish staircase

At the end of our tour of this unique house, we cannot overlook the staircase. As in other parts of the house, they too were made of microcement in a beige shade. Surrounded by wooden walls, the staircase creates a remarkable contrast between the warmth of the wood and the rawness of the microcement. Interestingly, despite its practical function, this staircase is transformed here into a subtle decorative element, adding a unique character to the overall interior.


This house is an exceptional example of how microcement, wood and stone can work together to create a cohesive yet original interior. In different parts of the house, the same shade of microcement looks different, proving the multiple reception of this unusual material. Whether in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or on the stairs, microcement is not only a practical solution, but also a thoughtful decorative element that adds an individual touch to the interior.

Product: Festfloor Go!
Colour: NCS S1002-Y50R (custom order)
Sealer: PU FEST 2K satin
Contactor: Projekt Mikrocement
Project: MDS Budownictwo
Photos: Leszek Bosak Fotografia