Microcement facade

Microcement outdoors – a facade made in the Festwall system (color GR2) + PU FEST Turbo sealer

Microcement, a solution for outdoor surfaces. Microcement outdoors photos. Color: GR2


The spring and summer period is the time when the construction and renovation industry is flourishing.

Instead of going on holiday, many DIY-lovers decide to renovate their apartment or house because of the good weather, a long day and a lot of free time. It is also the right time to take on the challenge of applying microcement outdoors.


What to pay attention to when applying microcement outdoors?

When making the floor outdoors (e.g. by making microcement on the terrace or balcony), there are several additional points that you should pay attention to. The first thing is temperature. We recommend working at ambient and surface temperatures between 15° C and 25° C, preferably from the shaded side. At such temperatures, microcement has optimal binding conditions, which will ensure proper durability of the final product. Lower temperatures significantly increase the curing time. In turn, the higher one may cause too fast drying, which means that we will not manage to properly distribute the material on the surface. A solution might be the use of microcement retarder.

It is also worth remembering that it should be dry during application.  Application immediately after rain on a damp surface is not recommended. We also recommend that the entire work process take place in good weather. On the surface of the microcement unprotected with sealer, rain can leave hard-water scale marks.

The last thing we would like to pay attention to is the environment in which the work is carried out. If you apply microcement on the terrace directly under a tree, leaves, bark, insects etc. may fall from this tree. On the other hand, a dog running around the yard will certainly want to jump onto the terrace at the least appropriate moment of works. We also know the case where, after applying the second layer of microcement, the contractors left the terrace almost ready to be sealed. What astonished they were when they found a trace left by a snail running across the terrace. Due to such or similar situations, each contractor should look around the applied surface and try to protect it in case of such events.


Microcement outdoors – what products do I need?

FESTFLOOR microcement systems for outdoor surfaces do not differ much from those used indoors. When applying on a terrace or balcony, we recommend using a surface reinforcement kit that consist of fiberglass mesh and FESTKontakt adhesion promoter. Terraces and balconies are exposed to large temperature amplitudes. In winter they can freeze strongly, while in summer in the sun their temperature exceeds 40° C. Such large temperature changes can cause additional cracks in the substrate, which in turn carries the risk of scratches spreading to the microcement. The use of a mesh will protect against the appearance of scratches on the top layer of the floor.

The only change that should be made when applying outdoors is the choice of  the sealer. It should be remembered that the well-known PU FEST 2K varnish is only for indoor applications. For outdoors PU FEST Turbo should be used.

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PU FEST Turbo is a product for special applications. It is characterized by the highest resistance to dirt and scratches. Thanks to the specially selected formula it is resistant to extreme weather conditions like severe frost, heavy rain and blistering heat. We also remind you that this product also has an intense smell. Therefore, full face masks with filters and disposable protective clothing must be used during its application. PU FEST Turbo varnish is also perfect for protecting stone, polished concrete or resin floors.


FESTFLOOR microcement facade

Mr. Piotr, our client and professional microcement contractor made a microcement facade (building elevations) in Piaseczno near Warsaw. Below are the photos he sent us. They look pretty awesome, what do you think?

microcement wall

microcement outdoors photos

beton cire wall outside

beton cire building elevations

microcement building elevations

microcement wall outdoors