Festfloor microcement – what do our clients say about us? Opinions and recommendations


As a producer of microcement, we have been operating on the market since 2016. We are constantly developing, we’re improving our products and introducing new, more convenient solutions to make the application of microcement even easier. We take care of customer service and train appliers because we believe that microcement is a trend that will not pass quickly. What are the opinions about Festfloor, then? What does our clients say about us?


Festfloor reviews

In addition to the quality of the product, our customers especially appreciate the fast shipping, excellent customer service and manufacturer support, and the ease of making a microcement system. They are happy to share opinions about our products and cooperation with us. We regularly receive nice emails and photos from satisfied customers, while others share photos of their projects on Instagram and Facebook.

We sell a lot to individual investors who either outsource work to executive teams or undertake the application of microcement in their homes. Often, after completing the work, they recommend our products to their friends. We are very happy about it. Most of the photos on our website come from customers.

We are proud of our photos and photos from our clients’ projects! 🙂 Here are a few of them:


Festfloor microcement – what does clients say?


Although Carolina and her husband from Portugal  were absolute beginners in microcement, they managed to apply 180m2 of microcement floor in during renovation of a summerhouse in Madeira and they shared their enthusiasm and final effect on our Facebook group. You can see more photos from this project here.



mikrocement producent

An experiment with a microcement in the bathroom of a customer from Great Britain (FestfloorGo was used)


mikrocement producent

Festfloor microcement on the wall and floor in the bathroom of a customer from Denmark (FestfloorGo was used).


UK investors recommend Festfloor and our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.


Festwall GR2 microcement in the bathroom of our client from Great Britain.


Instagram post from Amy, another UK client who loves our microcement.


Stephanie from the UK reports on Instagram about the renovation of her house from the 1930s. She ordered our microcement to apply on walls in her bathroom.


Microcement lovers from the UK have stocked up on Black Friday and boast on Instagram about the deal.