Microcement on the next level – microcement shelves

Microcement shelves are true works of art which combine rawness and elegance to extraordinary effect. Their uneven texture and free choice of colours create unique compositions that add character to any room. Thanks to the fact that microcement is a material that adapts easily to any shape, shelves made of it can have a variety of forms, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


Contractor: project-microcement Product: Festfloor Life Color: FL03 July Beige

Microcement has already been everywhere – on floors, walls, stairs. Now it is time for shelves. With their versatility and variety of forms, these unique structures are becoming a unique design element. Microcement shelves are not only an essential storage space, but also a distinctive, characteristic component of any interior. They combine practicality and aesthetics, becoming an element that can stand the test of time. They are more than an accessory – they are a major player in modern interior design.


Project: The Oak Apple Decor Product: Festfloor Life Color: Custom

Microcement shelves are a practical and stylish solution that fits in with various interior trends – from industrial through minimalist to Scandinavian. They are the perfect backdrop for colourful accessories and, thanks to the possibility of individual colour selection, can also be the main design element. They are ideal for any room, even those with high humidity such as bathrooms. Their maintenance is simple and quick. It combines versatility, functionality and unique style.


Project: The Oak Apple Decor Product: Festfloor Life Color: Custom

When you decide on microcement shelves, you are choosing more than just a simple storage space. You are choosing a design that is both raw and elegant, unique and practical. Microcement shelves are an investment that not only performs its function, but also catches the eye, being one of the main attractions in the room. So when you think of microcement, think of shelves too!


Photo: firststepontheladder Product: Festfloor Life Color: GR2 + GR1 on top (old equivalents S2+S1)