Ready-made microcement kits 


microcement kits - Kit 10 m² of ready-to-use microcement FLOOR system

Kit 10 m² of ready-to-use microcement FLOOR system – go to the shop

Every investor considering the use of microcement in his / her apartment will sooner or later start to wonder how to assemble the right amount of products needed to optimally select all system components. Nobody likes the situation when it turns out that we only used a single product a little, while we’re running out of another one and we’re in a hurry to order it during the execution of the floor or wall. It only causes unnecessary nerves and worries, exposes you to costs and often puts a question mark on the visual effect of the entire project.


A  set of compatible products

By choosing ready-made microcement kits, you are guaranteed that all products included in the order will be compatible with each other. We design our systems so that all of its elements interact with each other allowing for easy and pleasant work, without worrying about doing something wrong or using incorrect proportions.


Microcement kits good for the contractor and investor

It is very often the case that an investor (owner of a house or flat) is responsible for providing to the contractor all the necessary construction materials. We can imagine the situation that being in the thick of preparation for renovation of the apartment can make you dizzy. By choosing ready-made sets of products, you can be sure that you will not forget anything and delivery of the order will be fast. We send our products by courier to the address indicated. You can order them directly to the construction site.

microcement kits - Kit for applying 10 m² of microcement floor

Kit for applying 10 m² of microcement FLOOR – microcement products floor system (10m²)​ – go to the shop


Simple purchase of microcement kits via our online shop

To purchase the necessary product system for microcement, just go to FEST SHOP, our online store and choose the system that you need. Sets for 10m2 and 15m2 contain all necessary products, ie: primer, microcement and sealer. Optimal packaging preparation allows you to maximize the use of the necessary products. There is no need to buy more. If you need a microcement for 30 m2, simply add 3 sets of the same system to the basket. A great simplification is also the possibility of buying a 10 m2 surface reinforcement set . Such a set is used for strengthening weak substrates for surfaces made in microcement technology. The set includes adhesion promoter and the right amount of glass fiber mesh.

With each system you will find photos and descriptions of products that will be included in the order. Also remember that under the description of all systems there is a technical sheet for each system. It is worth to read it before starting work.

If you have any questions, please contact us.