What can you use on the floor instead of tiles or panels? Microcement alternative. Color FF9003 [photos]


You do not want tiles with joints at home, the flooring panels do not convince you and the wood is not resistant enough? Choose a microcement. And if you like DIY  – just do it yourself – like one of our clients from the Instagram profile Pomorska chatka.


A microcement alternative

Microcement more and more often wins with panels, boards or tiles as a floor finish. In addition to aesthetic considerations, practical considerations are also important:


All this, as well as previous good experiences with microcement, encouraged our client to make a white microcement floor with a touch of gray on her own. As the first layer, she used gray microcement from the Festfloor Life series in the GR4 Graphite Marble color, and after it dried and was sanded, she applied Festfloor Go! in the FF9003 Signal White color, thanks to which she obtained an interesting and unique pattern.



White and gold bathroom – microcement and resin instead of tiles

Our client’s microcement is also used in the bathroom. She dreamed of a unique bathroom different than the current trends, i.e. no gray or industrial elements, but also no marble or wood-like tiles. The bathroom was supposed to be inspired by minerals, with golden elements. The floor and most of the walls in the room are covered with white microcement, and the shower wall and the recesses of the shelves are made of epoxy resin (colored with gold mineral pigments) and mountain crystals. The whole thing looks very original!


Microcement instead of tiles – photos