Microcement in the shower – walk-in shower base. Festfloor Life microcement was used. Project by Artial Design Beton Dekoracyjny

Microcement in the shower
and on the walk-in shower base

These are the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

  1. Is the microcement suitable for use in the shower?
  2. Is microcement waterproof?
  3. Can it be used in the bathroom?
  4. How to prepare the substrate?

The answer is yes, Festfloor microcement can be used in the shower, in the bathtub or washbasin area.

Thanks to its properties, microcement is an excellent material suitable for use in bathrooms, combining aesthetics with functionality. However, one should remember that it is crucial to prepare the substrate correctly and to protect it properly against moisture.

How to prepare the substrate for microcement in the shower?

Microcement in the shower - wall and floor finished with Festfloor Go! microcement, color FF9002 Grey White (©Jagody Studio)

Microcement in the shower – wall and floor finished with Festfloor Go!, color FF9002 Grey White (©Jagody Studio)

Preparation of the substrate in wet zones is extremely important and does not differ much from the preparation of the substrate for other finishing materials, e.g. tiles. As a standard, we recommend the use of system waterproofing: waterproof tapes on walls joints and wall/floor joints as well as e.g. liquid foil on the entire surface.

When applying microcement to existing tiles, it is not necessary to reapply waterproofing. In turn, the tiles should be polished, the joints should be filled to make the surface even and a primer and a base layer with fiberglass mesh should be used. After bonding bridge has cured, we can proceed to apply the microcement in two layers, grind and then protect the surface. For this purpose, we recommend using the FEST Primer undercoat. It is not a mandatory product, but it increases resistance to water and dirt, and reduces sealer consumption.

We recommend using PU FEST Turbo sealer for the floor, and two layers of PU FEST 2k sealer for the walls.

The shower can be fully used after 7 days from applying the sealer. After this time, the varnish is fully hardened and provides adequate protection against moisture and dirt. More details about the microcement on the tiles with photos of the various stages of work can be found in this article: Smart bathroom makeover with microcement over tiles [before and after]

Important note: before starting work, we recommend that you carefully read the technical data sheets attached to the products – there contain all the necessary details.

Microcement in the shower:
Can I make a microcement floor
on a walk-in shower base?

Observing interior design trends, there is a clear tendency to move away from traditional shower trays and replace them with walk-in showers with a linear drain. They are often finished with microcement. After installing the drain, introducing the appropriate slope – most often with a cement screed – system waterproofing should be applied as described above. The most common are waterproofing tapes around the drain line, as well as at the wall/floor joints, and a liquid foil or other liquid waterproofing over the entire surface.

Replacing plastic shower bases with a microcement finish makes the bathroom much more hygienic and easier to maintain. This solution gives the place a uniform character and can visually enlarge a small bathroom, especially when we use a concrete total look, i.e. microcement on the floor and walls.

It is also important that the microcement is pleasant to bare feet and underfloor heating can be used underneath.


Microcement in the shower – walk-in shower base. Festfloor Life microcement was used. Contractor: TwojaSciana

How to finish the wall/floor joint?

As the wall-floor connection is most often secured with waterproofing tape, it is not necessary to transfer expansion joints to the microcement. The tapes will transfer the stresses resulting from the movements of the building and no cracks will appear in this area.


Microcement in the shower – walk-in shower base, made with Festfloor Life microcement, color GR3.  Project by: Pracownia Betonu


Microcement in the shower – walk-in shower base, made with Festfloor GO! color FF9003.  Photo: Carolina P.


Microcement in the shower made with Festfloor Go!, color: FF2002JB.
Photo: Agata K.


Microcement in the shower made with Festwall Life, custom color.
Photo: Oak Apple Decor

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