The bedroom is a special place in the house, serving as an oasis of peace and relaxation. It is where we find relief after a long workday and regenerate our strength for the next one. When designing a bedroom, it is worth paying attention not only to such elements as functionality, colors and lighting, but also the materials with which it will be finished. A delicate finish on the walls or floor with microcement will be beneficial for creating a place, which influences well-being.

Bright rustic style bedroom with Festfloor Life microcement

Bright rustic style bedroom | Festfloor Life microcement, color GR2 (light gray shade from previous palette) | Photo: Nera Etwa House in Croatia

Why is microcement in the bedroom a good choice?

Microcement in the bedroom is an increasingly popular choice for finishing walls and floors thanks to the many benefits it offers.

Microcement colour palette


Colors have a huge impact on our mood and well-being, which is why Festfloor® microcement is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match them to your personal preferences and bedroom finishing style. In addition to the standard color palette of Festfloor Go!, we also realize orders for microcement in RAL and NCS colors.

Festfloor Go! subtle finish

Thanks to its uniform surface, microcement looks aesthetically pleasing and fits in with various interior design styles. Its minimalist form blends perfectly with innovative solutions in both architecture and design.

Concrete effect festfloor life

Festfloor® microcement combines perfectly with other materials, such as wood, metal and glass. It can be successfully used on both floors and walls to create cohesive and harmonious spaces.

Microcement easy to clean/maintain

With no grout or visible joints, microcement is easy to clean. Thanks to proper sealer impregnation, it is also resistant to dirt. For daily care of microcement, water and pH-neutral liquids are sufficient. See dedicated microcement care products»

Bright microcement floorings in the bedroom

Bright microcement floorings in the bedroom | Product: Festfloor Go!, color FF7035 Light Grey | Photos: Pole e Dole. See the entire project»

Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTFLOOR LIFE Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTWALL Life Basic - 15 m²


Thanks to its uniform surface, microcement is ideal for bedroom walls and floors. Due to its aesthetic and functional properties, it has become a finishing material appreciated by interior designers, allowing them to match it with any interior design style.

Boho bedroom is a cohesive combination of nature, softness, comfort and colors inspired by earth tones and plants. Microcement blends perfectly with natural materials such as wood, stone or linen, and the rich color palette allows microcement to match boho style. See: → Beige microcement wall and floor [photos] and → Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]

Glamour bedroom – this style of interior design is associated with elegance and glamour. Microcement will also find use here, as it blends well with materials such as marble, gold, silver and glass, allowing you to create a cohesive and stylish bedroom arrangement.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style is characterized by a minimalist approach to interior design, natural materials and bright colors, which perfectly harmonizes with the characteristic features of microcement. The uniform surface of microcement perfectly blends with the minimalist aesthetic of this style. See → A house by the lake with a microcement floor. Color: FF7035 [photos] and Scandinavian style from Denmark – microcement floor and walls [photos].

Rustic style bedroom – is a reflection of the idyllic climate, with wood and natural fabrics in the leading role. Rustic style is based on naturalness and rawness of materials, which means that microcement will also find its place here. Microcement in earth tones, beiges, browns or grays will emphasize the perfect harmony of the whole arrangement. See → Modern rustic interior design with microcement. Color: GR2 [photos].

Loft style bedroom is characterized by rawness and industrial character. Microcement, characterized by a minimalist and uniform surface, perfectly suits the raw character and industrial aesthetic of the loft style. Especially in shades of gray. See → Microcement in a film studio. Color: FF9002 [photos] and Floor of microcement [photos from a contractor from Szczecin].

Beige microcement Festfloor Go!, on the bedroom wall, colour FF2005CB Classic Beige | Design: Fortecka Studio

Bedroom in shades of beige, wall of microcement Festfloor Go!, color FF2005CB Classic Beige | Design and photos: Fortecka Studio | More about this project»


Grey bedroom with microcement wall with concrete effect

Grey bedroom with microcement wall with concrete effect | microcement FestWall

Microcement is a decorative layer that forms a thin, natural coating on the surface, which is why an increasing number of people choose to use it in their bedrooms, creating rest-friendly spaces. Thanks to its texture, microcement looks natural and can easily be matched with other elements of the bedroom design, such as textiles, furniture and accessories.

A wall of microcement can be the main design element of a bedroom or serve as a subtle decoration, creating a harmonious interior that encourages relaxation. The decision whether to use microcement on all bedroom walls or only on one, such as the one behind the bed, depends on several factors: aesthetic preferences, interior style and room size. If you want a contrasting effect, a microcement wall behind the bed will be the perfect backdrop for this central design element. It is also an interesting interior treatment to use the same color of microcement on the wall behind the bed and the floor, which can create an interesting visual effect.

In the case of a small bedroom, the bright colors of microcement on the walls and its uniform surface will create the impression of a larger space. Light colors reflect light better than darker colors, which will further brighten the interior and give it a fresh look. It will also avoid an overwhelming effect, which is important in small rooms.

Complete microcement kits for making walls in the bedroom:

Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTWALL Life Basic - 15 m²
Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTWALL Life Basic - 15 m²

Check out our video on how to create a concrete effect on a bedroom wall STEP BY STEP:

Video tutorial - How to make a concrete wall - microcement in a bedroom


The use of microcement floor in the bedroom has many advantages, which is why it is an increasingly popular solution in interior designs. This material works well with different design styles, allowing architects to creatively experiment with the look of the bedroom, especially if microcement can be dyed in almost all colors from the RAL and NCS palette. Cleanliness is also key when it comes to floors, and microcement is easy to care for, thanks to its uniform surface without joints or grout. A microcement bedroom floor is a solution that will provide comfort for many years.


Many people are abandoning traditional heaters in favor of underfloor heating. Despite the higher cost of installation, this type of solution provides higher thermal comfort and is more economical in daily use, as well as more aesthetic. Festfloor® microcement is one of the finishing materials that can be successfully used on underfloor heating. This makes walking on such a surface pleasant for the feet, even when winter is in full swing outside the window. This is especially important when putting bare feet on the floor, right after getting out of bed.

To use microcement on a floor with underfloor heating, you need to follow some important rules, which we described in the article ⇒ Microcement with underfloor heating: how to do it right?

Beige microcement Festfloor Life on the floor and

Beige microcement Festfloor Life on the floor and walls | Photo: OakAppleDecor. Read more about this project»

Completed microcement kits for making a bedroom floor:

Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTFLOOR LIFE Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²
Kit FESTFLOOR LIFE Basic - 10 m²

See our video on how to make a floor of microcement STEP BY STEP:

How to make concrete floor? FESTFLOOR Life microcement tutorial


In summary, microcement is a versatile material that is perfect for both the floor and walls in the bedroom. With a variety of colors and finish effects, microcement allows you to create a personalized space to suit your individual preferences and design style. We encourage you to experiment with this material to create the bedroom of your dreams, full of character.


See the products we mentioned in this article:
Kit FESTFLOOR GO! BASIC – 10M² basic set of products of the Festfloor Go! system for making 10m2 of floor and walls in a bedroom.
Kit FESTFLOOR LIFE BASIC – 10M²basic set of Festfloor Life system products to make 10m2 of floor in the bedroom
Kit FESTWALL LIFE BASIC – 15M² – basic set of FestWall system products to make 15m2 of walls in the bedroom

FESTFLOOR GO! test kit


If you are planning to apply microcement in your bedroom, we recommend trying our test kit at first. With it, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the entire process of microcement application and gain confidence before starting the full job. The test kit allows you to create a microcement sample yourself, which will help you better understand the properties of the material and adapt your working techniques (trowel movements) to your own skills and finishing preferences.

microcement sample


Choosing the right color for an interior is crucial, as it has a huge impact on the harmony and perception of the entire space. If you are having difficulty choosing the right shade of microcement for your bedroom, order a sample in 28×28 cm format. With it you can realistically assess how the selected color will look in your interior. The sample is available in colors from the Festfloor GO! and Festfloor Life systems, as well as colors from the NCS and RAL palettes.

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