Microcement floor in a coffeehouse [photos]


Many entrepreneurs running service premises are looking for a finishing material that will impress customers and, at the same time, ensure durability for years and will not ruin the budget. The choice falls on the microcement (aka microcementi, béton ciré, Beton optik, microconcrete).


Microcement in a coffeehouse

One of our clients has recently opened a café  along with a green organic food store in Warsaw’s district of Wilanów. The place is called Wiele dobrego and is located at Plac Vogla in the luxurious residential area of Zawady.

In the café you can enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast and drink aromatic coffee. We especially recommend creamy mango and coconut porridge and toast with a poached egg and avocado – all served in a charming stoneware tableware.

After breakfast, it’s time for shopping:  you can find here fresh pastries from one of the best Warsaw bakeries, organic vegetables and fruits, certified eco products from all around the world and lots of vegan products.

The café is maintained in a modern, slightly industrial style. Grey, green and sunny yellow are dominating the color scheme. The gray microcement floor is an excellent base for light tables, metal chairs and large flower pots. It is hard to imagine that other material, such as tiles, would be chosen for such an interior!


Why is a microcement floor good for a shop, a bar or a café?

The microcement floor was installed not only in the coffeehouse room, but also in the kitchen. Why? The floor made of microcement is durable (resistant to both abrasion and high temperatures), smooth (without joints), easy to maintain, non-slip. People running service premises often take over the rooms of the previous owner and they need to carry on a quick renovation, so that they can open the shop, bar or restaurant under the new name as soon as possible. In this situation, the microcement is an ideal solution, because it can be applied to the existing substrate – on the resin, existing concrete screed, tiles. It should only be remembered that the substrate must be  without cracks. If the quality of the substrate raises doubts, an additional reinforcement layer with fiberglass mesh should be used – an experienced contractor will be able to assess the quality of substrate and propose a suitable solution.

Concrete-like finishing materials are very trendy now, and various technologies are available on the market. Investors and architects often have to choose: a floor made of polished concrete or microcement. Read why microcement is a safer option: Microcement floor vs polished concrete floor – what to choose?


Microcement floor in a café – photos

And now we invite you to view photos of the investment and visit the premises itself 🙂

Microcement in a coffeehouse

Microcement floor in a cafe

Microcement in a coffeehouse

Microcement in a coffeehouse

Microcement in a coffeehouse

Microcement also works well in beauty salons and hair salons – see our inspiration: Concrete and microcement in a hair salon – 10 inspiring ideas

If you want to apply microcement in your premises and have questions – drop us a line or just call. We will be happy to support you.