400 m² of microcement in an apartment in Madeira. Colors: FF9003, FL12 [ photos ]


400 m², 2 people, 3 weeks and 3 broken grinders – today the story of how a luxury apartment in Câmara de Lobos in Madeira, Portugal, with Festfloor microcement in the lead role, was created.


How microcement helps to earn money in real estate

A year and a half ago, we boasted a summer house in Madeira where Festfloor microcement was used. We introduced then our clients – Carolina and her husband who work in real estate. They search for houses and flats with potential, renovate and sell them. They liked our microcement so much that they purchase it for every project they make. Plus –  they do everything themselves: the project and microcement application!


Microcement in the apartment: floor & walls

But let’s start from the beginning: the spacious apartment we’re presenting today is located in Câmara de Lobos, the second largest city of Madeira. It has huge windows overlooking the surrounding hills and the ocean. The goal of Carolina and her husband was an interior that was minimalist, but cozy, creating further possibilities for arrangement. They wanted a subdued and unloaded interior not to distract from the beautiful views outside the window. Therefore, they opted for bright colors and simple forms. The walls in the entire apartment (240 m²) have been covered with white microcement Festfloor Go! FF9003 Signal White (see other projects with white microcement). The floors (160 m²), on which there was a concrete screed, first had to be reinforced with a bonding bridge with fiberglass mesh. Then, Festfloor Life FL12 could be applied. The most of the surfaces were sealed with PU FEST 2K varnish, while in bathrooms PU Fest Turbo was used.

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How to break three grinders and not to give up

It took Carolina and her husband 3 weeks to get the work done. Sanding turned out to be the real challenge. They used hand grinders for both walls and floors, and three burned out during work … “It was hell!” – recalls Carolina. After this, they purchased a floor grinding machine to use in another project (→ Read also: How to grind Festfloor microcement? Check if you are doing well).

It was also not an easy task to pick the right moment to apply the next microcement layer. “The most difficult is to find out the right moment to apply the next layer. The climate is absolutely different from Poland and other countries, so we had to discover how long it takes to dry.” – explains Carolina.

They achieved a very uniform effect, however one can see a delicate pattern on it. “The funny detail is that my style and my husband’s style are completely different, so you can immediately see which part did which I did.” – reports Carolina.


Microcement – the perfect floor finishing?

It’s been a while since Carolina found the floor finishing that suits her needs. Finally, she decided for microcement: “I like the final appearance, the low maintenance, and it is the only product that doesn’t change with the weather of Madeira island. Vinyl expand on the hotter days and retract on the coldest days. Wood changes the color with the sun and needs maintenance. Tiles are very cold. Epoxy resin changes the color when they have direct natural light. Carpet isn’t a choice because it’s hot and not hygienic. Since we found a microcement trustful supplier, we just use it. We were the first to promote this finishing in Madeira, so people are getting used to. Some doesn’t like its irregularities.”

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Great location, good interior design and the materials used significantly increased the price of the apartment, which sold out shortly after the publication of the offer. Carolina and her husband are renovating another apartment – they will show the effect of their work soon. Stay tuned.

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