Microcement in a film studio. Color: FF9002 [photos]



Very friendly service, quick implementation, great product – I use it in the 3rd bathroom! The production guys help and explain everything and are very helpful. I fully recommend, Jaga


This is the review written by Ms Jagoda Żmudzińska, the owner of JAGODYstudio in Warsaw. See what her studio looks like with our microcement.

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Microcement in a film studio

Microcement is gaining popularity not only among individual investors, but also among entrepreneurs who choose it for their restaurants, cafes, hotels, photo studios, or, like Mrs. Jagoda, for recording studios.

JAGODYstudio is a place to create, among others, advertisements, photo sessions or space for music videos, programs, series and movies. On 500 m², there are: work kitchen and kitchen playing in the recordings, prop room, back room and loft with an open bathroom with a free-standing bathtub and rain shower.

The owner of the studio decided to use light gray microcement to finish the bathrooms and kitchens. She also needed a concrete sealer to protect the remaining parts of the existing concrete floor.


Urban loft-like style

The studio has a loft-like character: what we have here are large factory-like glazing, ceiling boards on angles, visible cables and pipes – that is a typical industrial style, with the incorporation of structural details as elements of interior design. The concrete floor is its perfect complement.

The interior features interesting kitchen furniture made of recycled boards and a few furniture gems: vintage cinema armchairs in new, blue velvet upholstery à la corduroy, restored blue “Bunny Chair”, designed by Józef Chierowski back in 1960s, stylish display case and a vintage sideboard, as well as a stylish, original “buckle up” sofa in the seating area. The whole is enlivened by plants (mainly large specimens of banana and monstera), which give the impression of an “urban jungle”.

The floor and walls in the open bathroom are completely covered with microcement. It is organized in the name of the principle: “less is more.” Its minimalist atmosphere is created by a free-standing bathtub, a shower with a walk-in shower tray and black metal fittings. The only additions are potted plants, a bench and a stool made of solid wood.

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Thanks to the use of concrete and microcement on the entire floor and several walls, the interior is consistent, and the uniform surfaces without joints, which were obtained in this way, are a perfect background for photo sessions, programs or music videos.