Microcement in a clothing store. Colors: NCS2000, NCS3000 [photos]


Over the last few years there has been a steady growth in the popularity of microcement both in private houses and commercial premises like cafes, restaurants and shops. This time, we invite you to see photos from the MUUV. apparel clothing store in the center of Warsaw at Krucza 16/22 Street.

MUUV. is a recognized Polish clothing brand founded by Malina Kurkowska and Kaja Lizut, who in 2021 decided to open the first flagship stationary store in Warsaw.

The store interior is dominated by white combined with microcement and wood. The place was designed by the Five Cell studio and the walls and microcement floor were made by Borys Ignatowski from Pracownia Betonu. Borys’s team had a lot of work to do, because it was necessary to properly prepare the substrate – to tear down the existing parquet, which was in a bad condition (previously there was a patisserie there). Borys made microcement walls, floors and a shop counter. On the walls and on the counter, the Festfloor Go! NCS2000 has been applied and on the floor Festfloor Go! NCS3000 was used. The minimalist interior is the perfect background for the brand’s latest collection. Just have a look at photos below! (photos by PION Studio)