Microcement floor STEP BY STEP. How to apply Festfloor Life microcement [film]

Microcement flooring has become extremely popular due to its durability, ease of cleaning and seamless surface without joints. It is the perfect solution for those looking for minimalist and personalised solutions in interior design. So if you’re wondering how to do your own microcement floor in your home, watch our latest video ‘Microcement floor STEP BY STEP. How to apply Festfloor Life microcement‘. Together with Boris from Pracownia Betonu, we’ll show you the entire process of applying Festfloor Life microcement to a floor. We will follow each step, from preparing the substrate to applying the successive layers of the system to using the right tools.
The durability of your microcement floor depends on careful adherence to all the steps, so watch our video, learn about Festfloor Life microcement application techniques and enjoy the results of your work.

Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles.

Microcement floor step by step - Festfloor Life system - video tutorial

Products used in the video:
FestGrunt – acrylic surface primer
FestLiquid – liquid polymer for the bonding of fiberglass mesh
Fiberglass mesh
Festfloor Base (15kg + 5 kg) L i XL – to reinforce the substrate
FestColor – colouring pigment for the pigmentation of FESTFLOOR Life microcement
Festfloor Life – microcement for floors
PU FEST TURBO – solvent-based sealer

Tools and accessories used in the video:
Diamond polishing discs for surface grinding
Trowel for microcement and primer application
Double paddle mixer for microcement
Microfibre rollers for primer, liquid and sealer application
Roller handle
Painting cuvette for spreading primer, liquid and sealer
Protective gloves
Premium masking tape

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