Microcement by a woman’s hand – the artistic face of microcement

While the construction industry is dominated by men, this does not mean that there is no place for women in it! Ms Magdalena Zeromska and her works, which will be the subject of this article, are a perfect example of this.

Love at first sight

It all started at a moment that often evokes mixed emotions – during the renovation of Ms Magda’s sister’s flat. It turned out that the microcement she had chosen would be applied by no one else but a woman. Ms Magda, who was present at the renovation, was fascinated by microcement “at first sight”. Intrigued by the work of another contractor and encouraged by her sister, she decided to try it herself. And it was a hit!

The artistic face of microcement

Even at first glance at her projects, you can notice that she treats microcement in a more artistic way than most other contractors do. As she puts it herself:

“My passion is to transform spaces into places full of character and unique charm.”

These words are borne out in each of her projects, which are stunning in their naturalness and uniqueness.

In her company Moda na cement (eng. Fashion for Cement), Ms Magdalena is currently focusing on smaller forms: from windowsills, countertops and walls to pots and particularly intriguing vases. The latter, as can be seen in the photos, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also testify to a creative approach to microcement. Each one showcases a bold use of the material, making them unique and full of sophistication works of art.

“I love natural style in interiors and microcement is perfect for this. It is very easy to apply and you can create different structures with it that you can’t get with other materials,” says Ms Magdalena.

And indeed, her work is a testament to this love of naturalness and finesse.

Small Forms, Big Ambitions

With a growing range of projects and new opportunities in front of her, Ms Magdalena is full of optimism.

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing small realisations, but there are already bigger assignments waiting for the new year. I’m slowly progressing,” she says with enthusiasm.

She’s only been in the industry for a year, but we’re sure we’ll hear about her more than once.

Name with a Purpose

The name of her company, Moda na cement (eng. Fashion for Cement), also carries some artistic overtones. It is more than a trend in construction; it is a fashion for combining practicality with beauty, technology with nature. Each project created by Ms Magdalena reflects this idea, bringing a unique character to the interiors.