Microcement and marble tiles, combination that delights

The project we are presenting today is one of those places where every detail matters and the harmony of colours and materials creates a space that is not only functional but also stylish. The designer of this unusual space is MDS Budownictwo, and the team from Projekt Mikrocement is responsible for the perfect finish of the microcement flooring.

As soon as we enter the interior, our attention is drawn to the suspended black bathroom cabinets. These blend harmoniously with the two elegant standing washbasins. Hanging above them is a large designer mirror with an irregular, unique shape that adds a distinctive touch to the space.

The view opens up to the walls, which are decorated with marble tiles at the bottom and white vertically striped tiles at the top. The exceptional natural light that gently filters through the skylights brings the entire room to life, highlighting the finest details. This softness of light blends in perfectly with the light microcement on the floor, which was custom-made. The microcement, with its smooth, uniform structure, adds a unique and modern touch to this bathroom.

Another eye-catcher is the free-standing bathtub. Its subtle form is complemented by designer plants in pots on high metal legs. These green accents are scattered throughout the bathroom, introducing an atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence.

Close to the bathtub, there is also space for a shower area. The combination of marble tiles on the walls and light microcement on the floor creates a luxurious atmosphere. A black shower mixer and rain shower complete this small, yet stylish space. The designer concave illuminated shelf, which extends across almost the entire length of the wall, including the shower, is also an essential element, providing a subtle lighting accent and adding depth to the interior.

This unique bathroom combines a variety of materials and shapes to create a harmonious whole. We are delighted with the combination of functionality and aesthetics that this realisation presents, hoping that it will become an inspiration for many people looking for unique solutions in interior design.

Product: Festfloor Go!
Colour: NCS S 0-500N (custom)
Sealer: PU FEST 2K satin
Contractor: @‌projekt_mikrocement
Design: @‌mds_budownictwo
Photos: @‌leszekbosakfotografia