Is the microcement frost-resistant?


Winter is fast approaching and the temperatures outside are getting lower. Therefore, one of our clients recently asked whether the microcement is frost-resistant. We rush to answer and dispel doubts about the correct use of microcement outdoor and its resistance to low temperatures.


The floor made of microcement Festfloor Go! on the balcony of the block.

Microcement on the terrace and balcony – is it resistant to low temperatures?

Investors more and more often decide to use microcement on the terrace or balcony, and even make the microcement facade of the house.  The microcement is resistant to weather conditions. Yes, the microcement is frost-resistant. This means: it is not harmed by negative temperatures, and it does not crack due to frost. However, there are several conditions that must be met for the microcement to look good on the outside and be durable for years.


Three important things to have in mind when applying microcement outdoors

First of all, the substrate for the microcement should be well prepared. The base must be stable, free from moving parts and dry. In any case, we recommend strengthening the substrate using a bonding bridge with a glass fiber mesh. In the case of a terrace above the garage or on the ground, it will be important to use a waterproofing system. Why? If the substrate draws water from the ground, the microcement may come loose or, if the water freezes, it may bulge and crack.

The second thing: use a suitable varnish on the outside. For us it is a very resistant PU FEST Turbo solvent varnish. Interior sealer will not enough here – temperature fluctuations can make it peel off.

Finally, let us remind you that the temperature of application and drying of the microcement is in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius. Working at lower temperatures may cause the microcement to not fully set and achieve the intended strength parameters, it may be soft, and dents may appear on it. In Central-European conditions, the outdoor microcement season lasts more or less from April to September and there is no point in trying to cheat the climate 😉


Our microcement outdoor kit  includes all the necessary products: bonding bridge, fiberglass mesh, surface primer, microcement, sealer undercoat and sealer.