How to work in team and apply microcement on a large surface? [ video ]


200-300 m2 of microcement floor project – a contractor’s dream? Yes, however, after a moment of reflection, many questions and concerns arise. How to properly make microcement on a large surface? In today’s video, Borys from Pracownia Betonu gives a lot of valuable tips on this topic – just watch it! (English subtitles available)



Microcement on a large surface – common challenges and solutions

Large project is a large challenge. Probably every contractor remembers that first really big project very well. Many of them spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to plan the work, how to achieve a consistent finish, or where to get helpers. Read how to approach the most common challenges in large microcement implementation projects.

Challenge 1:  Not a big enough team

Many contractors work alone and with smaller implementations are doing great. However, a floor above approx. 70 m2 is quite a challenge for one person, let alone 100, 200, 300 m2. If you do not have permanent employees, try to contact trusted colleagues and discuss the terms of cooperation. You can help each other with the next projects. Or if you don’t personally know any contractors in your area, you can find support on our Facebook group of contractors. It was there that Borys met Marcin Jaremko from Heli-Bet Mikrocement, who helped with the project shown in the video.

Challenge 2: Colors may vary from batch to batch

The ready-to-use microcement is factory-colored which ensures color repeatability. However, it should always be remembered that, as in the case of paints, individual batches may differ from each other. Therefore, all microcement buckets that will be used for one layer must be thoroughly mixed between each other before use with a mixing paddle. Thanks to this, the dye will spread evenly, and as a result, the color on the floor will be the same everywhere.

Challenge 3: The finish may be inconsistent

Microcement is a handicraft and each contractor has his own unique style of working. When you work independently, it is not a problem, and it is even an advantage. There might be a problem when we have 2, 3, 4 people to complete one large room. It is important to properly plan and coordinate the work: it is necessary to determine at what distances the contractors will work from each other, what trowel movements they will perform (short, long), and how thick the material should be applied. In addition, it is good to change their positions from time to time, so that people rotate and various methods of application mix with each other evenly.

Challenge 4: Microcement may dry out too fast

When applying microcement on a large surface, we must hurry to apply subsequent batches of material before it starts to dry. You can always extend this time by using FEST Timer, a microcement retarder. Importantly, this product can be added to both Festfloor Life and FestfloorGo!, which some people forget about. The retarder does not change the properties of the microcement, it only extends its open time.