How to choose the perfect microcement colour?

Many of you are wondering how to choose the right microcement colour for your interior. Choosing a colour is one of the most important decisions in the interior design process, affecting both the aesthetics and the atmosphere of your home or flat. In this article, we present some rules and tips to help you with this difficult decision.

Contractor Pracownia Betonu (microcement Festfloor Life, colour FL01 Warm Beige, sealer PU FEST 2K satin)

Assistance at Every Stage of Microcement Colour Selection

We want our customers’ satisfaction to be as high as possible, so we have done our best to make choosing a microcement colour as easy as possible. We are constantly posting our customers’ projects on our social media, where you can see what the colours from the palette look like in real life.

Alongside this, we also offer a sample colour chart that allows you to see and compare the different shades in detail. This colour book is particularly helpful for those who want to make sure how a particular shade will blend with other interior elements.

Furthermore, we offer a test kit for making the microcement yourself. With this kit, you have the possibility to select a specific colour and test it in the target interior. This is a great option for those who want to experience the microcement application process and see the end result before making a final decision.

Key principles for colour selection

When deciding on microcement for your interior, you will come across a wide range of available colours. This choice, while exciting, can also be surprisingly difficult. To help you navigate through the process, we’ve put together some key principles to make your final decision easier.

Neutral tones as the choice for everyone

If you are driven by comfort and functionality, neutral colours will be perfect for you. Beige or grey microcement, compatible with wooden elements, will add warmth and cohesion to your interiors. With such a base, feel free to add colourful accents in the form of cushions, paintings or carpets, which you can swap out depending on your mood or the season.

Festwall Life, colour GR2 Grey Pyrite, now S2 Smoke Grey

Bright colours and their secrets

If you are struggling with the problem of a limited space, it is definitely worth directing your attention to light shades of microcement. White, light grey or pastel tones can optically ‘expand’ an interior and make it feel brighter. Furthermore, the use of mirrored or glass decorative elements in combination with light microcement can further enhance the spaciousness effect.


Contactor Best Home Deco (microcement Festfloor Life, colour FL12 White, sealer PU FEST 2K satin). Photos: Magda Ł.

Loft or industrial interiors: dark colours and metallic accents

For industrial, loft or more luxurious interiors, dark microcement colours such as navy blue or dark graphite can be a hit. Such shades go well with the metallic, steel or brass elements that are characteristic of these styles.


Project Yuka Studio (microcement FestWall, colour GR6 Basalt- now S6 Antracit, sealer PU FEST 2K satin)

Colours that influence concentration

The green colour of microcement, associated with nature and tranquillity, can be an ideal choice for a home office or a place where concentration is needed. Blue, as a colour associated with peace, can also be a good option here.


Microcement Festfloor Life, colour FL10 Pastel Teal

Bring your interiors to life: colours with character

If you are bold and looking for something to really liven up your interiors, consider using colours that are more expressive. Shades like juicy orange or intense turquoise could be just what you need to give your interiors a unique character.


Contractor resinfloor, Festfloor GO, colour from NCS palette, custom order

The Final Word: Colour Creates Atmosphere

Choosing a microcement colour is more than just an aesthetic decision; it is a choice that affects the entire interior. With the various options available and the support we offer, you have all the tools to make an informed decision. Whatever your style and needs, the right colour can completely transform your interior.

Contractor Projekt Mikrocement (microcement Festfloor Go!, colour NCS S1002-Y50R, sealer PU FEST 2K satin), photo: leszekbosakfotografia