Have you ever wondered how to combine the wild, cold nature of the taiga with loft rawness? The answer to this question can be found in Twoja Ściana’s latest project in Żerków, a place surrounded by numerous forests and reserves. “More than 100 m2 of completed flooring with numerous burnouts and a visible microcement structure,” emphasises the Twoja Ściana team, adding that the project was created “a few streets away” from the previous, also successful, realisation.

Here, in the heart of Żerków, the raw grey microcement on the floor evokes the cold forests of the north. Black, white and industrial details complete the picture, creating an interior that is not only stylish but also full of deep, natural connotations.


Rawness and Elegance: Interiors in Taiga Shades

In the dining room, the cool interior with microcement flooring and metallic details is broken up with emerald accents. A wooden table on metal legs forms the heart of this space, while the surrounding green chairs add a touch of nature, alluding to the distant winter forests. This carefully balanced composition of colours and materials not only creates a cohesive whole, but also deeply resonates with the surrounding nature. Situated just behind the table, the window lets in a fragment of the wooded landscape.


In the living room, just off the dining area, the atmosphere remains unchanged. On the white wall, below the suspended TV, are white wall-mounted cabinets with a wooden top, introducing a soft, natural accent. Opposite the TV, the emerald sofa, like the chairs, draws thoughts to the deep green of the forest needles, while the black wall behind it adds contrast to the interior. Just above the sofa are raw paintings, depicting elements of the nature of the frosty land. Their black and white colour scheme complements the atmosphere of austerity and coldness, combining the loft aesthetic with nature.


Summary: From Taiga to Loft

In this unique realisation, the frosty taiga and the urban loft meet in perfect harmony. Contrasting colours and materials – from microcement to natural wood and emerald fabrics – not only create an aesthetically coherent interior, but also convey the depth and diversity of the taiga itself. It is a space where the wildness and rawness of nature are given a new, homely form. This oasis of cool tones and loft aesthetic is the perfect break from everyday life.


Contractor: Twoja Sciana – Microcement – Architectural concrete
Photo: – interior photography
Product: Festfloor Life
Colour: S5 Shadow Grey
Sealer: PU FEST 2K matt