Festfloor Life or Festfloor Go! – which product should I choose?

One of the most common question asked by our customers is: what microcement product to choose – Festfloor Life or Festfloor Go !? To answer this question, we need to explain the difference between these two products and get to know the customer’s needs and expectations.


What’s the difference between Festfloor Life and Festfloor Go!?

  • Festfloor Life is a traditional two-component microcement. It consists of a liquid polymer and a dry mass, in addition, you need to add a dye according to the proportions from the color chart. Polymer, powder and dye should be measured on a precise scale just before starting work and the mixed mass should be used immediately. This product has gained the trust of contractors and many of them are still loyal to it.
  • In turn, FestfloorGo! is a modern and innovative one-component microcement that is ready for use immediately after opening the bucket. It is factory-colored and you only need to mix it before use, just like you mix the paint before painting. It saves time on the construction site, reduces the mess and the risk that poorly mixed pigment will leave unsightly streaks on the surface. In addition, it guarantees color repeatability and facilitates sample making. FestfloorGo! facilitates work and prevents waste of material – after closing the package, the microcement does not bind and can be used at a later time. Thanks to the modern formula, the usability of the product (in closed packaging) is up to 1 year.
  • Festfloor Life is available in the basic palette of 18 colors, while FestfloorGo! it is about 2200 colors modeled on the RAL and NCS palette.
  • FestfloorGo! it is universal and can be used on both floors and walls. In the case of the Life line system, we have two versions of Festfloor Life for floors and Festwall Life for walls.
  • Both products can be used in wet areas.
  • Both products are compatible with other Festfloor products: PU Fest 2K and PU FEST Turbo varnishes, FestPrimer or FestTimer microcement retarder.
  • Both products can be used outdoors – you only need to protect them with a suitable varnish on the outside. (Check which microcement varnish to choose)
  • The products have comparable abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Festfloor Life is approx. 25% cheaper than FestfloorGo!.

Which product will be better for me?

Of course it depends ?

  • If you are a beginner contractor or an amateur who plans to make a microcement at home, we recommend choosing FestfloorGo!. It is easier to use, easier to distribute and forgives more mistakes than Festfloor Life.
  • If you want to obtain a very uniform surface without visible burns – choose FestfloorGo! It has a fine and subtle structure and it is easier to use it to achieve a perfectly smooth and uniform floor.
  • If you are looking for a strong marked structure – Festfloor Life will be the perfect solution.
  • If you have a large area to be done in a short time – choose FestfloorGo!.
  • If you want to choose a microcement for a specific shade from the NCS or RAL palette – choose FestfloorGo!.
  • If you are on a budget, a lot of time and a skilled hand, you will probably choose Festfloor Life and save 1/4 of the cost.
  • If you are an experienced contractor, you probably will like both products.

Before making your final decision, you can purchase a test kit that includes mini versions of both products.


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