Festfloor Life microcement on the floor: inspiring floor in FL03 July Beige shade [PHOTOS]

We are presenting another realization of a microcement floor, made by Tom Grabarczyk of Twoja Ściana. The uniform microcement floor in beige color is a perfect background for other colors and materials in this interior, allowing you to experiment freely with the decor. Thanks to such a uniform structure of the floor, it is easy to match furniture, accessories or walls in different shades, creating a cohesive space.

Living room with Festfloor Life microcement flooring in FL03 July Beige


In this arrangement, the microcement floor seamlessly blends the various interiors to create a harmonious space. The delicate FL03 July Beige color that covers the floor illuminates each room, providing a neutral backdrop for the carefully selected furnishings. The living area, comprising the living room, kitchen and dining room, acts as the heart of the apartment. A soft sofa in pastel tones invites relaxation, while its muted color creates a calm atmosphere. The minimalist lines of the furniture are complemented by careful details and soft lighting, which together create a balanced aesthetic composition.

Before applying the microcement, the substrate was carefully prepared, ensuring a uniform and smooth surface. As a result, the microcement was able to be applied in a way that emphasized its aesthetic and functional qualities, which is evident in all rooms.

Previously, we poured a self-leveling screed there to match the height of the floor with the tiles– Tom Grabarczyk of Twoja Sciana says.

A self-leveling screed was applied under the microcement beforehand to level the floor height with the tiles on the bathroom floor. This is especially important in an apartment, where the microcement is meant to harmonize with existing, other materials on the floor, creating seamless transitions between different zones.

Festfloor Life microcement flooring in FL03 July Beige color in the living room and dining room
Festfloor Life microcement flooring in FL03 July Beige color in the living room
Festfloor Life microcement flooring in FL03 July Beige color
Festfloor Life microcement floor in FL03 July Beige color in the dining room
Microcement floor - Festfloor Life in FL03 July Beige color in the dining room

In the photos you can see that the color of the floor is variable, depending on the angle of the light.


Microcement on the kitchen floor is a perfect example of how modern materials can combine aesthetics with interior functionality. Microcement’s durability and ease of cleaning make it an ideal surface for everyday use in this heavily used area of the interior. The kitchen looks stylish with dark cabinets and countertop, which harmonize with the kitchen apron and microcement on the floor. High-quality household appliances are perfectly integrated, providing functionality and comfort.

Festfloor Life microcement in FL03 July Beige color in the kitchenette
Kitchen floor with Festfloor Life microcement in FL03 July Beige color
Festfloor Life microcement in FL03 July Beige color on the kitchen floor
Kitchen wall


Expansion joints on floor are extremely important, as they help absorb the natural movement of materials that can occur with temperature changes or building settlement. Without properly planned expansion joints, the floor may crack, so their proper placement during the design and construction of the floor ensures its durability and stability for years to come. In the case of this realization, the expansion joints were transferred to the microcement layer, as can be seen in the photos below.

Expansion joint on microcement
Expansion joint on microcement floor

Learn more about expansion joints in our videos:
(Don’t forget to turn on subtitles)

Expansion joints in thresholds - what, where, how and why?
Expansion joints between wall and floor

The entire arrangement is proof of how microcement can provide the basis for a variety of textures and colors, creating an interior that is not only aesthetically consistent, but also tailored to the needs of its occupants. The microcement on the floor of this apartment is also a practical element, easy to maintain and resistant to everyday challenges. This realization shows that intelligent design can bring beauty out of simplicity, creating a place that is both stylish and functional for daily use.

Contractor: Tom Grabarczyk Twoja Sciana
Photos: Radoslaw Slowik bilbil.pl
Microcement system and color: Festfloor Life, color FL03 July Beige


How to apply Festfloor Life microcement

If you want to learn about the process of making a microcement floor, watch our video “How to apply Festfloor Life microcement”. In it, we show you the entire process of applying microcement to your floor, from preparing the substrate, to applying all the layers, to using the right tools. Without skipping any step, you will ensure the durability of your microcement floor.

Microcement floor step by step - Festfloor Life system - video tutorial

Products used in the realization from the article:

Kit ALL IN ONE LIFE 10M2 – a complete set of products necessary to create a high-quality microcement floor. The set includes:
FESTFLOOR BASE – 20 kg (15 kg +5 kg) – a base layer with coarser aggregate, in which you can easily sink the mesh and thus strengthen your substrate and protect it from cracks,
– SUPER THIN Fiberglass mesh
FESTFLOOR Life microcement – 17,5 kg (12,5 kg + 5 kg),
FESTGrunt 1kg – which provides an excellent basis for microcement application,
– liquid pigment FESTColor allowing you to choose the color of the microcement,
FESTPrimer – a one-component primer to be used before PU FEST 2K sealer,
– sealer PU FEST 2K 1,2kg, which was specifically designed for indoor use,
3K PLUS 0,1 kg – paint additive that will increase its scratch resistance and lifespan.

♦ Tools and accessories: microcement trowel, diamond sanding pads, masking tape, paddle mixer, protective gloves, microfiber rollers, roller handle, painting cuvette