EPD – Environmental Product Declaration for Festfloor microcement

For years, the Building Research Institute (ITB) has been a pillar of Polish construction science and engineering, being a leader in research, certification and technical consultancy for the construction sector. ITB’s mission is to raise standards of safety, durability and energy efficiency in the construction industry through innovative solutions and rigorous testing procedures. The institute works with companies, organisations and government institutions to provide key expertise that supports the development of sustainable architecture and engineering in Poland and around the world. As part of its activities, ITB focuses on the analysis of new building materials, technologies and construction systems to ensure their compliance with the latest standards and market expectations.


A Type III environmental declaration, known as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), is a document that objectively assesses the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. It is based on a rigorous life cycle analysis (LCA), covering all stages from production to disposal. The EPD provides data on energy consumption, emissions and waste, supporting sustainable development. It is essential for companies seeking to minimise their environmental footprint and highlights their commitment to the environment. These declarations are increasingly demanded by environmentally conscious consumers and designers, becoming a key element in promoting transparency and environmental responsibility in the construction and industrial sectors.

  • Sustainable building certification: EPDs are often required or rewarded under sustainable building certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM or DGNB. Having an EPD for building products can increase a building’s potential to achieve a higher rating.
  • Compliance with regulations and requirements: In some countries and regions, an EPD can be used to demonstrate compliance with local, national or international environmental regulations.
  • Support for sustainable purchasing: The EPD provides detailed information on the environmental impact of a product, allowing buyers and purchasing professionals to make more informed and sustainable choices.


nvironmental Product Declaration Type III

Our Festfloor microcement, designed for floor and wall finishes, has a precisely defined environmental impact for every kilogramme produced, according to the EPD Environmental Declaration. The entire production process, from the extraction of raw materials to production and storage at our facility in Duchnice, has been carefully analysed from an ecological point of view in accordance with the ITB PCR A guidelines. As a result, we are able to precisely allocate the environmental impact of our operations, allowing us to consciously manage resources and minimise emissions.

Our microcement is manufactured from 100% natural raw materials, each of which has been carefully inventoried for its environmental impact. The process begins with the extraction of raw materials, mainly from Poland, which are then transported to the production plant. At the plant, the raw materials are weighed, mixed in specialised disolver vats and then the final product is packed into buckets, labelled and prepared for shipping. All these activities are energy-intensive, so we carefully monitor and inventory our electricity consumption at each stage of production to minimise our carbon footprint.

Once manufactured, Festfloor microcement is transported to many countries in Europe. Through carefully planned logistics and minimised packaging, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of transport, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint of our operations.

The EPD Environmental Declaration for our Festfloor microcement not only provides detailed information on the environmental profile of our product, but also represents a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability. By analysing every stage of a product’s life, from production to disposal, we strive to continually reduce our environmental impact and provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions.



The Festfloor Go! system is suitable for interiors and exteriors, both dry and wet areas and rooms heavily exposed to foot traffic.

Kit FESTFLOOR GO! Basic - 10 m²


The Festfloor Life system, a traditional two-component microcement, is suitable for floors, walls, door linings and kitchen worktops, for bathrooms and wet areas, for any type of room.

Kit FESTFLOOR LIFE Basic - 10 m²


The FestWall system is designed for application on walls, plasterboard, cement plaster, gypsum plaster, tiles, OSB and also as a cladding for furniture and countertops.

Kit FESTWALL Life Basic - 15 m²