Concrete flower pot – DIY [ video tutorial ]


Spring is coming and in today’s  video, we’d like to show you how to make a concrete flower pot (made of architectural concrete). Such a pot works perfectly both on the floor in the living room and on the balcony window or in the garden. A concrete flowerpot will look great on a kitchen counter when you plant herbs in it! It can also be a good gift for housewarming party or birthday for a fan of design. If you enjoy playing with concrete, there is nothing to prevent you from creating an entire collection of pots, experimenting with sizes shapes and decorations  ?




First of all, prepare the necessary tools and materials to make concrete flower pot:

ArchiFEST Smooth decorative concrete mix (you can buy it in our store)

– Plastic molds – one larger, the other smaller (eg. buckets, bottle packs, cottage cheese buckets, etc.  It all depends on how big you want to make a pot)

– Spatula or other tool to mix to the mixture

– Fine gradation sandpaper

– Protective gloves

– Sharp knife

– Weight scale

– Water

– Optional: felt pads for furniture for gluing pots underneath (eg. from IKEA)

– Optional: pigment for concrete (eg. black)


We invite you to watch the video! (English and Spanish subtitles available)


concrete flower potFrequently asked questions about concrete flower pot

  1. Can such a concrete flower pot stand on the balcony or in the garden?

Yes, the pot is waterproof and frostproof and can be used outdoors.

  1. Is only gray concrete available or are there other colors?

The archiFEST has the color of natural concrete. If you want to get a darker shade of gray, add the right amount of black pigment to the mix (available in our store). You can also use pigments of different colors. In addition, an interesting solution is decorating the finished form with acrylic paint. Shades of gold, copper and silver look just great with concrete.

  1. I prefer more raw and rough concrete forms, how can I get them?

In the video, we used ArchiFEST Smooth, which produces smooth forms with a small amount of pores. If you want more pores, use ArchiFEST Classic.

  1. I made a pot according to the directions from the tutorial. At first, its surface was very smooth and shiny, but after a few hours it became dull. Why?

The effect of strong reflection of light is natural after removing concrete from the mold, but with time, when the concrete binds more strongly and water evaporates from it, its structure becomes gray and dull. This is completely normal and you can’t help it. You may try painting your pot with glossy concrete sealer.

  1. What are the proportions of the mixture to water?

We use 90g of water per 1kg of the mixture.