Colour Trends for 2024: Leading Choices

Each year, well-known brands like Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams announce their Colour of the Year, influencing upcoming interior design trends. These choices inspire designers and design enthusiasts around the world. In 2024, we can see a diverse range of colours – from dynamic shades to delicate tones, shaping future directions in interior design.

Pantone – Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz, the 2024 Colour of the Year from Pantone, draws its inspiration from the soft fuzz of peach, which is pleasant to the touch and associated with softness. This subtle peach shade reflects care and cooperation, offering a sense of security and subtle sensuality. Positioned between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz enriches the mind, body and soul, being a symbol of harmony and kindness, while evoking the pleasant sensations associated with the soft fuzz of peach.

1- Bedding, 2- Pillowcase, 3-Interior, 4-Vase, 5 – Microcement colour: NCS 5020 Y60R

Benjamin Moore – Blue Nova

Blue Nova, presented by Benjamin Moore for 2024, is a shade of blue that introduces depth and inspiration. Combining intensity with subtlety, this colour reflects the desire for harmony in living spaces. With its remarkable adaptability, Blue Nova fits perfectly in both modern living rooms and cosy bedrooms, creating an atmosphere of calm and balance.

1- Fronts, 2- Bag, 3- Bookcase, 4- Curtains, 5- Microcement colour: NCS S5020-R80B

Sherwin-Williams – Upward

Upward, chosen by Sherwin-Williams as Colour of the Year 2024, is a soft, airy shade of blue. Ideal for creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, this subtle colour works well in a variety of spaces. With its gentle, calming nature, Upward is the perfect choice for spaces where you want to create an oasis of calm. Its ability to add spaciousness makes it ideal for both modern and more traditional interiors.

1- Armchair, 2- Veil, 3- Wall, 4- Ceramics, 5- Microcement colour: NCS S2502-B

Graham & Brown – Virdis

Graham & Brown’s 2024 introduces Viridis, a beautiful muted shade of green. This colour, carefully selected, aims to create warm and welcoming spaces. As a natural and refreshing shade, Viridis offers a creative alternative to subdued interiors. It is perfect for both small, cosy rooms, creating a calming atmosphere, as well as for larger spaces, where it lends a sophisticated, relaxed feel. With references to fertile, green hills, Viridis harmoniously connects interiors with nature.

1- Curtains, 2-Dress, 3-Interior, 4- Door, 5- Microcement colour: NCS S4010-G70Y

PPG – Limitless

Limitless, chosen by PPG as Colour of the Year 2024, is a warm shade reminiscent of sunshine. Suitable for both warm and cool finishes, this colour stands out for its versatility in different design directions. Limitless, being an interpretation of a neutral shade, can serve as a dominant colour, but blends equally well as a delicate accent. It introduces a calming yet refreshing energy, perfect for creating an atmosphere of minimalism in a variety of spaces.

1- Armchair, 2- Converse shoes, 3- Interior, 4- Vase, 5- Microcement colour: NCS S1010-Y20R

AkzoNobel – Sweet Embrace

Sweet Embrace™ from AkzoNobel, Colour of the Year 2024, is a pastel pink inspired by the softness of feathers and evening clouds. This soft shade is ideal for creating cosy interiors, providing an atmosphere of calm. Sweet Embrace™ changes tonality depending on the light, adding warmth and subtlety to interiors, making it the perfect choice for places where you want to create a harmonious and tranquil space.

1- Sofa, 2- Still art, 3- Coffeemaker, 4- Microcement colour: NCS S2010-R

Colours from different brands combine to create a meaningful narrative about the impact of colours on the surroundings. Each, while unique and distinctive, offers opportunities to create spaces that impact on emotion and wellbeing. From the bold Peach Fuzz to the subtle elegance of Upward, the trends for 2024 emphasise that colour is more than decoration – it is a key element that shapes the atmosphere of interiors, adding life and dynamism.”