Past meets future: a living room where tradition blends with modernity

Introducing the highly intriguing living room design of one of our clients. As soon as you cross the threshold of this room, you are transported to an extraordinary combination of past and future. You cannot take your eyes off the walls finished with July Beige microcement. The subtle, neutral shade complements the space while leaving room for unusual textures and subtle burnishes.

A floor lined with wooden staves, arranged in a triangular shape, creates an interesting contrast next to the microcement-covered walls. This unusual arrangement further emphasises the unique structure of the microcement. The natural wood colour harmonises perfectly with the beige of the walls, adding depth to the entire room.

This living room is a place where old traditions intertwine with modernity. The wicker chairs are reminiscent of old houses, bringing a unique atmosphere to the interior. The table with a wooden top and metal legs is the quintessence of raw industrial style, which at the same time creates harmony with the natural floor. The highland slippers, which could have come straight from grandma’s house, not only provide comfort, but also bring warmth and a unique sentiment.

In the centre of the living room, a large plasma TV is a symbol of modernity, contrasting with the nostalgic elements. A harmonious whole has been created in this unusual place, where the past intertwines with the future. This place delights, combining modernity with tradition, in a flawlessly composed living room interior.

Product: Festwall Life
Color: FL03 July Beige
Sealer: PU FEST 2K matt
Photo: @‌agna.sobczyk