Christmas decorations made of archiFEST architectural concrete – DIY

Christmas is a time when a magical atmosphere fills our homes and the desire to create and share joy is awoken within us. Among the sparkling lights, fragrant Christmas trees and traditional decorations, there is a yearning to surprise loved ones with something new this year. Imagine their surprise when they discover that the heart of the Christmas decor is…. concrete decorations!

In today’s article, we will take you step by step into the world of creating decorations from archiFEST architectural concrete, which can become a surprising and stylish accent to the Christmas decorations in your homes. With archiFEST, available in two finishes – ‘Smooth’ for lovers of plain, minimalist surfaces and ‘Classic’ for fans of the natural texture of concrete – the possibilities are almost endless.

What you will need:

  • archiFEST in smooth or classic, in white or grey shades (we chose the smooth version in white),
  • water,
  • silicone moulds for casting,
    an extra bucket or other container for mixing archiFEST with water (for our moulds we used less product than is available in the packaging),
  • a slow-speed stirrer or, failing that, a wooden spoon or other mixing tool,
  • cardboard or foil to protect the work surface from possible mess.

To begin, determine how much dry material you need for your decorations.

Then, for each kilogram of dry material, add 90 to 120 millilitres of water – this is the ratio that will provide the ideal consistency for filling the silicone moulds. Using a slow-speed mixer or, if not available, a wooden spoon, vigorously mix the ingredients for 2-3 minutes until the mixture is smooth and uniform.

When the mixture is ready, gently pour it into the silicone moulds of your choice as you prepare for the next stage of creating your unique Christmas decorations.

→ → → → → → → →

To achieve a smooth surface of the decoration, after pouring the concrete mixture into the mould, gently tap the sides of the mould. This simple step will help get rid of air bubbles and ensure a perfectly smooth finish to your concrete decorations.


After 24 hours of drying, your concrete Christmas ornaments will be ready to be taken out of their moulds and decorate your Christmas table. Let them become a special part of your Christmas preparations, adding a unique touch to your home interior. We wish you a joyful and creative Christmas, full of unique moments with your new concrete decorations!