Beat the heat: microcement application in summer – how to do it right? [video]

The application of microcement on hot days is a challenge. How to make a microcement in summer? Try the microcement retarder and work without stress!

How to apply the ready-to-use FestfloorGo! microcement [video tutorial]

With FestfloorGo! The application of microcement has never been so easy. In today's video, we show you step by step how to apply it.

Pink microcement floor at MOD Donuts – the final effect. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

Microcement is a great choice for the renovation of service premises. It allows for a quick metamorphosis without removing tiles. Watch the video from MOD Donuts Cafe in Warsaw.

Pandemic home remodeling is booming: try microcement. Colors: FF7001, GR2 [photos]

Photos of an amazing DIY renovation project carried out in Covid-19 pandemic. A photo studio made with microcement.

How to apply microcement while standing? [video tutorial]

What if someone told you that you do not need to apply microcement to the floor on your knees? ? In today's video, we present a tool that makes your work easier and faster, and also saves your spine!

How to make microcement stairs? Training

Another training on the application of microcement on the stairs with Tomek Grabarczyk is completed. See the video to check how it was.

Wood and concrete. Microcement floor in the kitchen [video]

See how to joi combine wood and concrete. Video from the implementation of microcement flooring + wooden parquet in a single-family house.

How to make a microcement floor in a kitchen open to the living room [video tutorial]

December 16, 2020

In today's video, Borys shows how he made a microcement floor in a kitchen open to the living room in a single family house near Warsaw.

Pink microcement at the MOD Donuts cafe in Warsaw. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

The microcement does not have to be gray! ? The product is available in almost all colors of the rainbow ?. Watch our video to see how awesome it can look.

How to make an expansion joint in a microcement floor? [video tutorial]

Restoring the existing expansion joints is one of the last stages of microcement works. In this video we will show you how to cope with this uneasy task step by step.

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