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Expansion joints between wall and floor – why are they so important?

How to prepare the substrate for microcement? [film].

How to prepare the substrate for microcement? Here it is!!! Another episode on the Festfloor channel, in which Borys from PracowniaBetonu shows you step by step how to properly prepare and reinforce the substrate before laying microcement. From the episode, among other things, you will learn how and with...

Festfloor® microcement test kit

Unboxing: Festfloor® microcement test kit. In today's video Borys presents what the test kit has inside. Check this out.

Microcement stairs Q&A with Tomek Grabarczyk [ video ]

In today's Q&A session, Tomek Grabarczyk answers the most frequently asked questions about microcement on stairs.

PU FEST Turbo matte varnish for microcement [ video ]

PU FEST Turbo varnish in matte optics is now available! On this occasion, we have prepared for you a video presenting this new product.

Modern classic style and microcement. Color July Go Beige FF2002JB [ photos ]

The Modern Classic style is a combination of modernity and tradition. See photos of a house decorated in this style with a microcement floor.

Microcement trainings in 2022 [ video ]

Another year full of training is behind us! See how our trainings in 2022 looked like. Basic microcement course & microcement stairs.

How to work in team and apply microcement on a large surface? [ video ]

Read about the challenges contractors face when applying microcement on large surfaces and how to deal with them. Watch our today's video.

What is a microcement? Where can it be used? What is the application like? [video]

In today's video, Borys explains what microcement is, where it can be used, and what properties and applications it has.

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