What is a microcement? Where can it be used? What is the application like? [video]

In today's video, Borys explains what microcement is, where it can be used, and what properties and applications it has.

Beat the heat: microcement application in summer – how to do it right? [video]

The application of microcement on hot days is a challenge. How to make a microcement in summer? Try the microcement retarder and work without stress!

Wood and concrete in the bathroom. Color GR2 and GR4 [photos]

Wood and concrete - this combination cannot fail! See a bathroom made of Festfloor Life microcement by one of our clients from Slovakia.

Modern rustic interior design with microcement. Color: GR2 [photos]

Microcement in a rustic-style interior design? If this sounds strange to you, then see these photos from a beautiful house on the Croatian coast.

Microcement floor in the Vzrok optician’s shop in Wrocław [photos]

Another place has appeared on the map of Wrocław, where you can see the Festfloor microcement floor live: it is the Vzrok optician's shop.

Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]

Although microcement is associated with modern and minimalist design, it also works well in eclectic arrangements in the boho style. Just like in this delightful house which we present today.

Microcement in the Ruby Blue hairdressing salon [photos]

The violet microcement on the floor in the Ruby Blue hairdressing salon in Warsaw looks incredibly fresh and modern. Just see these photos.

Renovation of an old cube-shaped house: microcement floor in an entrance hall. Color: NCS 1000N [photos]

Microcement is a perfect renovation material. Check out these photos of a microcement entrance hall and staircase. and meet Bet-ON-cement Silesian Microcement Lab, the installers.

Microcement floor in Galeria Detale in Kurów [photos ]

Today we invite you to see photos of the implementation of the microcement floor in Galeria Detale in Kurów.

Microcement wax, or how to quickly renew a microcement floor

Thanks to the microcement wax, the floor will regain its shine. Meet FF Wax, a new product for the maintenance of varnished floors.

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