A budget bathroom upgrade with microcement. Color: FF7035 [before & after photos]

See how quickly you can make a bathroom makeover using microcement. Bathroom renovation with microcement, microcement over tiles step by step, photos.

Mirocement floor in a modern barn house. Color: FF9003 [photos]

In architecture fashion is changing. Now it's time for modern barn houses. Take a look to see how does mirocement floor fit in a modern barn house!

Microcement floor in a coffeehouse [photos]

Why is a microcement floor good for a shop, a bar or a café? Read the article and see photos from the last implementation. Microcement in a coffeehouse.

Microcement floor photos. Meet our installers

Looking for microcement installers? Have a look on the photos from one of our installers' recent work - over 100m2 of microcement floor! Truly amazing.

Béton ciré floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and fireplace in one house!

Is it possible to apply béton ciré on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, on the stairs, on the fireplace and not overdo it? Yes! Here go some photos

Scandinavian style from Denmark – microcement floor and walls [photos]

Scandinavians love microcement to such an extent that they are ready to use it in almost every room of their home. Microcement floors and walls are hygge!

Extreme microcement kitchen makeover – before and after

Microcement is perfect for all renovations. It's easy, cost-efficient, it can be used for walls, floors, countertops and so on. Check out our recent microcement kitchen makeover.

Béton ciré wall in the bedroom. Color: GR3 [photos]

Some time ago we described how to make a Béton ciré wall yourself using Festfloor life products. Today the time has come to show the final result of our work, that is the wall in the bedroom.

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